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1 Skills) Report Writing * Purpose and Objectives * Types and Functions * Layout & Structure


2 A Report is a formal communication, written for a specific purpose; it includes a description of procedures followed for collection and analysis of data, their significance, the conclusions drawn from them, and recommendations, if required. Definition Skills)


3 Types REPORT WRITTEN REPORT ORAL REPORT INFORMAL REPORT FORMAL REPORT Routine Reports Interpretive Reports Informative Reports Routine Reports Examples: Laboratory Reports, Progress Reports, Inventory Reports, Inspection Reports, Annual Confidential Reports of Employees, etc. Skills)


4 Fundamental Principles of Report Writing Formal Written Communication Specific Purpose and Defined Audience/Reader Procedures of Collection and Analysis of Data are described Data is Organized Discussion and Description Documentation of An Incident, Process, Interpretation, or Strategy etc. ( Communication Skills)


5 Purpose and Scope of a Report In simple words, Report comes into existence when we have an event to be carried back to someone who was not there. It is usually an answer to a question/hypothesis or a demand from some other person for information. Importance Fundamental Principles of Report Writing ( Communication Skills)


6 Structure Cover Frontispiece Title Page Copyright Notice Forwarding Letter Preface Acknowledgements Table of Contents List of Illustrations Abstract and Summary Front Matter ( Communication Skills)


7 Structure Main Body Introduction Methodology Discussion and Description Conclusions Recommendations ( Communication Skills)


8 Structure Back Matter Appendices List of References Bibliography Glossary Index ( Communication Skills)


9 Project Report Writing Technical Reports/Project Reports/ Reports in Journalism A Written statement of the facts of a situation, project, assignment or test ; how these facts were ascertained; their significance ; the conclusions that have been drawn from them; the recommendations that are being made. ( Communication Skills)


10 Summer Internship Reports TWO FORMS: WPR – Work Progress Report Final Project Report ( Communication Skills)


11 What is a Report? What are the main Features/Characteristics of Report? Discuss the Structure of a Report/Project/Term Paper/Research Project. Explain the Guidelines given for the various components of a Report. Book Suggested : Business Correspondence and Report Writing by R C Sharma & Krishna Mohan Parveen Kumar ( Communication Skills)

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