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AmiComm is the Communication Skills Newsletter of Amity Law School Centre II. Here is the second issue of AmiComm. AmiComm August!


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Mentors: Prof. Mamta Srivastav Addl. Director Dr. Aditya Tomer DyDirector Editor-in-Chief : Parveen Kumar Sharma E-mail: In this AmiComm: AmiComm Independence Editorial Note Editorial Mantra Courage in Communication by Navin Gulia Expert Advice by Raju Mandhyan AmiComm EdTech for Teachers Independence Thoughts by Stu- dents Effective Use of SMS AmiComm Literary Invitation to Join AmiComm and Radio Shows Independence is not just a day or a holiday it is a way of life– way to think-way to celebrate– way to contrib- ute– way to improve Independence is Our Mindset and AmiComm August celebrates this Independence in the Month of Independence We are sharing special colours of Independence shared by our students guests teachers and resource persons. As Students and Teachers we need to add ‘life’ to the feel of independence. Amity nurtures this very feel of being Indian. A few selected contributions about independence are shared in this edition of AmiComm. From this month we are adding Hindi segment to AmiComm. As India is one we are one and AmiComm E-Newsletter and Blog shall be the platform to share your learning skills and creative writings without any linguistic restrictions. Hindi Moot Court Society The Literary Club of ALS-II shall be adding content to the Hindi AmiComm from this month.

slide 2: Page 02/ AmiComm/ August 2015 AmiComm August is shared with you all by the Communication Skills Enhancement Club of Amity Law School Centre-II Amity University Noida. I am glad that the newsletter team has been able to set the ball rolling towards better learning and has been able to motivate students to contribute towards Skill Development. We at ALS-II constantly work towards skill development of our students by providing them with the best academic learning and focused extra-curricular platforms. The vision and mission of our Hon’ble Founder President Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan is the driving force behind all efforts we do. AmiComm-Communication Skills Newsletter shall be expanding itself to more learning dimensions and I am sure that you shall continue to bestow your appreciation to the Editorial Team. Dr. Aditya Tomer 1. Open– Bring the Smile and Tell them You want to talk 2. Explore– Assess Previous Knowledge by mentioning the Blueprint/Objectives of presentation. 3. Explain– Perform this ‘stereotyped’ but ‘significant’ part with Content. 4. Invite– Briefly Recapture the Objectives-Relate them to the Audience’s Need and Invite them to ‘Retain’. 5. Summarize- Summarize the Explanation so that they ‘Note’ ‘Retain’. 6. Request Reaction- Invite them to ask Questions/Queries Resolve them refer- ring to Objectives+ Explanation 7. Close - Ensure that you Close by giving them a clear ‘Hint’ that it is ‘about to ‘end’ so that the ‘applause’ comes ready. The 7 Steps of Presentation Editorial Mantra Communication remains the basic bread-butter of our life. We need to make sense and always attempt to become a ‘No-Nonsense Person’. However we all know it for sure that communication skills is not that easy as it seems or denounced to be. There have been millions of instances in our lives where we felt that we could have done better by communicating this way-that way. In a few number of pages AmiComm can not bring you everything that you need to know-but– we are sure that as a learner being a student you want to make a difference in your life and career. AmiComm wants each student to start with the hunger to revitalize Communication Skills. Our Team is there to as- sist you each teacher of Communication Skills at Amity is there to empower you. I am sure that these few pages shall be able to assist you in some way and will add to the never-ending process of learning. Join AmiComm Parveen Kumar

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AmiComm Confident communicator On the final day of the 1971 India Pakistan War on the outskirts of Dhaka 3000 Indian troops had encircled 26000 Pakistani troops which were holed up inside the city. The commander of the Indian operations Gen Jacob called up his Pakistani counterpart Gen AAK Niazi and said “Your troops are completely surrounded and outnumbered and it will be in their better safety to surrender.” It was the confidence in his voice and communication that the Pakistani General decided to surrender even though his soldiers were nearly 9 times more in number. It is very important in Communication Skills to have the courage to speak confidently and have the bravery to speak the truth that people avoid speaking. A lot of time youngsters come to me and ask me “Sir my parents don’t have confidence in me what should I do” I tell them “How much confidence other people will have in you will depend directly upon how much confidence you have in yourself.” As a teenager my passion was playing football. There were to be the trials for the zonal team one day and because of groupism among the players my name was not included in the probables. I nevertheless went for the trials and was standing by the side of the ground when the trial match was going on being conducted by the coach/selector. Once he had seen the playing of other players for a short while I raised my hand and the coach noticed it. I kept my hand up and after a while he removed one player and asked me to come and play in his place. Within five minutes of my playing he called the captain and scolded him that why he had not written my name in the probables when I was such a good player. Just a small thing like raising your hand at the right time can be effective communication. Never indulge in unnecessary arguments and discussions but where and when it is required to speak speak out. Which ever field you may choose in your life be it sports science journalism politics or social work you can not succeed unless you have the courage to speak and speak well. Gandhi Nelson Mandela Bhagat Singh Subhash Chandra Bose Mohammad Ali APJ Kalam or Narendra Modi they all have been good and brave communicators. If you choose not to become a good communicator you will have only yourself to blame for your failure. BE BRAVE to Communicate and Put Forward Your Views with Firmness Page 03/ AmiComm/ August 2015 Navin Gulia An Ex-Indian Army Officer and a World Record Holder in adventure sports Navin Gulia is a multiple award winning internationally acclaimed Author Adventurer Thinker Orator and Social Worker. ‘Courage in Communication’ Navin is a part of the ‘AmiComm Mentors’ and can be contacted at: or / Facebook / ADAA He is available to all for any advice on Motivation and Communication Skills.

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AmiComm-Expert Advice Page 04/ AmiComm/ August 2015 Raju Mandhyan is a certified and a trained practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Mind-Mapping as well as Appreciative Inquiry. He is also certified through the American Management Association’s Train the Trainer program. His expertise include Communication Skills and Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is involved in guiding individuals and organizations across the globe. He is currently based in the Makati City Phiippines. “We’ve got to feel the audience” he said and with a warm smile on his craggy face as he gently rubbed his coarse hands together. “What Feel the audience How exactly do you mean” I asked. “Well you see most of us when we stand to make a presentation we are concerned with two things one we are concerned with the thought of how exactly will impress the audience and the second we are concerned about how exactly will the audience perceive and accept us. These two concerns are the manifestations of either self-importance and/or of self-consciousness. Both these manifestations are born in the ego a self image of us that is skewed away from our true self” he said. “And then” I urged him on. “And” he went on “when we are skewed away from our true self we are pretending we are putting on act to impress others. When we are pretending to be who we are not then we are standing on shaky ground and we are unsure of how to appear steady calm and self-confident while scores of eyes are watching our every move every gesture and every expression. Under such scrutiny the veneer of pretension will crack and usually does crack.” “Uh hmm I see what you mean” I said “how then does empathy become the solution to this malady” “Pretty simple” he said “when we care respect and view the audience to be human to be frail of ego just as we are then we are naturally overcome by a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood. If I may push the idea a bit more we begin to empathize with them and for them. It’s a great feeling and it diffuses all the hot air that is pent up inside of us as would be presenters. We come down to earth and our focus moves towards the mission at hand. The mission at hand is always of adding value building something new something that carries High Impact.” “Gotcha” I said to ‘Craggy Face’ “I understand you want us all to turn into monks at heart. Ok” ‘Craggy Face’ smiled warmly and rubbed his coarse hands gently and happily. He was pretty cool that way Empathy Presentations Mr. Raju Mandhyan is among ‘AmiComm Mentors’. Connect with him on Twitter

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Page 05/ AmiComm/ August 2015 EdTech has been generating big buzz. As the EdTech space evolves we can see educators across the globe adopting and implementing various technologies to improve instruction engage students better. But still many educational leaders and teachers even those who know that their system needs changes they don’t quite understand the role of technology to work on it to bring the desired changes to the classrooms. I believe one should always start with a “WHY” and the plan around it can then be built. Using new technologies is the present for many but the future for all in the education system. WHY Students Love it – Students love using new technologies in the classroom. Whether it is the "cool" factor or just a genuine interest in new technology it allows teachers to vary activities of the day and engage students. It engages and embraces the 4 key components to learning: Active engagement participation in groups frequent interaction feedback connection to real world experts. Professional Development – Using new technologies allow students and teachers to learn another skill set that will help them in the marketplace. How many jobs need basic computing skills let alone advanced com- puting skills Any time a teacher can encourage students to learn through technology they kill two birds with one stone. Makes Life Easier for Teachers – Teachers have to juggle a variety of tasks outside of teaching including planning lessons grading meeting with parents and some administrative work. Many of the routine tasks done by teachers can be reassigned to technology elevating the role of teacher. Encourages Assignment and Homework – Flipped Model Blended Learning are formal education programs in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time place path and/or pace. Saves Money in Long Run – Though technology implementations are initial investments but it will save money in the long run by multiplying the number of teachers in their classrooms. It will free up the real teachers for better help to students and answer questions. Technology can nurture artistic expression. Modern technology-based art forms video production digital photography computer-based animation and the like have great appeal encouraging artistic expres- sion among our diverse student population. Technology creates opportunities for students to do meaningful work. Students need to produce prod- ucts that have value outside institutions receive feedback on their work and experience the rewards of publication or exhibition. Technology can provide a widespread audience for students work. Computers link students to the world provide new reasons to write and offer new sources of feedback on ideas. Are you still only thinking of bringing technology in the classroom Many educators are already doing it so join hands with real practitioners to understand the right ways technology can be inte- grated into the classroom. Utkarsh Lokesh Co-Founder CEO at EdTechReview AmiComm EdTech For TEACHERS

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THE TRUE ESSENCE OF INDEPENDENCE Independence is often used a synonym for words like freedom equality liberty etc. For me independence cannot exist without sacrifice. Sacrifice is a world we hear very rarely in our self-centred society because we get scared that we would have to lose something or some- thing will be taken away from us. Seeing history as our witness we can say that no true independence has come without a sacrifice. Where some soldiers leave their families behind to fight wars and lose their lives some leaders starve to raise voice on an issue. The free air we breathe right now and enjoy the various rights are all because of the number of sacrifices the freedom fighters made for our country. Our freedom fighters rot in the jails walked bare foot sacrificed their jobs and education and the list is countless. We demand independence so easily as it is our birth right but we must stop and think what are we willing to sacrifices for the independence that we are demanding. Because no changes were made by sitting in a room and complaining or fighting aimlessly changes were made only when they were fought for or a scarifies was made in order to achieve them. Like it is often said “nothing worth having comes easy”. So next time we ask for independence we must stop and think ‘what are we willing to scarifies for it’. Wish you Happy India Happy Independence Day -Aditi Gupta BBA LLB H-I Page 06/ AmiComm/ August 2015 From the Students of ALS-II My Independence-My Feelings Clicks– Mr. Prajyot Semester-III ALS-II More clicks on

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Page 07/ AmiComm/ August 2015 YOUTH AND INDEPENDENCE This generation has a lot more direction than the previous one because unlike them the youngsters today do not lack clarity. They dare to think different and operate with a can-do attitude and confidence. Todays youth is charting new territories not being afraid of the storm choosing rather to ride into it and creating their own path by looking forward and finding more glorious opportunities for themselves. In today’s world independence for the youth is a big question mark for them due to the reason that they want to live with the freedom. In my opinion independence is not something that you just want to be as cool as possible but you should have that sense of responsibility for yourselves and for your country society and of course for your parents they are the one who have given you that liberal authority to choose the way of your living and future according to you so that you never regret yourself saying that I didn’t get a chance to prove myself the way I wanted to In my life I came across several young people and this is what I have learnt -- that like every generation be- fore their own the young women and men are looking for nothing more than recognition. They are in that age where they would like to be known be seen and be heard theyd like to be at the center of attention and be the stars of their lives. Now none of this is unusual for people of that age. Our parents when they were the age wanted the same thing. What sets this generation apart is that unlike the previous generation they have a far-far larger plat- form. They have Facebook and Twitter and blogs and television shows that help them get that recognition and fame. Why hold it against them simply because they have the avenues that the previous generation did not I find this terribly unfair. Contrary to popular perception the youth of India know exactly what they want out of life. Everyone Ive come across carries that burning desire to prove something to themselves and their family. They want to better their circumstances and they want to rise up the social ladder. I find this generation having a lot more direction than the previous one because unlike them the young today do not lack clarity. They do not want to blindly emulate something just because their parents say so. This generation doesnt believe in playing safe. They dare to think different and they operate with a can-do attitude and confidence that their parents generation lacked. What sets them apart and what makes me hopeful of Indias future is that its youth hasnt inherited the fear and insecurity of its previous generation. In the end I rather think or suppose that freedom and youth are essential to be connected to each other in a positive way and so as to bring out a bright ray of light from the youth and for a better future and life. By- PALAK AGARWAL BBA LLB H 2015-2020 By the Students– By the Amitians My Independence-My Feelings

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Page 08/ AmiComm/ August 2015 CSEC– Communication Skills Enhancement Club Effective Use of SMS Short Message Service is not new to us. We have been using mobile phones as inte- gral part of our life and communication through these gadgets has become more integral than ever. There is a use to understand that we have been failing on certain important points about using phones SMARTLY . Here is a snapshot of generally observed tips for Effective use of SMS:  Alternative to Internet/Offline Communication: We all have access to Smartphones but having internet connectivity Data Packs or Wi-Fi is not permanent. A user may not be having the Internet enabled and the same can be the case with the intended receiver as well. For example we have sent a message through WhatsApp and we wait for the two tick marks to indicate the reception and later the reading of the mes sage. However there is no force with us that can make the phone receive the message without internet facility. SMS let us send the information and the only thing required is telecom net work in the phone of the receiver. It also brings a delivery report and is considered more urgent than the Internet Based Messaging. In addition to the above one more is observed about SMS:  Banking/Transaction Info One-Time Passwords  To Send Contact Info or Addresses with Accuracy  Documentation and Retrieval of Information  Train Bookings and other Travel/Transportation Information  Bills and Associated Services  Sports Updates

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Page 09/ AmiComm/ August 2015 AmiComm Literary Person of the Month Autobiography-Navin Gulia Writing his story In Quest of the Last Victory is probably the easiest thing Navin Gulia has done in a while a long while. At 22 a freak accident a few days ahead of his being commissioned stopped him in his tracks from a promising Army career. Instead he lay in traction with a rod in the skull to keep his spine straight. He spent four months in the ICU unable to move to breathe to speak. In one of a series of turning points in life he decided to reclaim his life. In the two years in hospital he taught himself to play chess on a chessboard hanging from the bed railing. Defying expert progno- sis he sat up got into a wheelchair. The 100 per cent disability label — and little movement in hands - only spurred him to complete a Masters in Computer Management and win a local chess competition. Against professional advice he learnt to drive and when the city roads were no longer challenging motored through mountains. Even as well-intentioned friends and family cautioned he drove through the highest passes in the world — the Khardung La 18340 ft. and Marsimik La 18632 ft. the latter giving him 55 hours of non-stop driving and a world record. He switched to manual transmis- sion to have full control of the vehicle inventing ways to drive with the limited control over his body. With the sky as his next stop he went hang-gliding and Microlite flying chased eagles at 20000 ft. and at one point abandoned his wheelchair to lie in a mountain stream. “Thankfully” he says “the one thing I never did was stop.” READ MORE… English or Hindi Know this Motivator-Fighter Communicate With Him for Human Values and Communication with Courage Book Review excerpts from: Ms. Geeta Padmanabhan The Hindu

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Page 10/ AmiComm/ August 2015 पुराने जमाने की बात है एक गााव से होकर एक वापारी सेठ की माल असबाब से लदी बैलगाडी गुजर रही थी। रासते मे बरसात के कारण गहरा गडढा था जिसमे गाडी फ ंस गई। चार -चार आदजमयो की काफी कोजिि के बाद भी गाडी जनकाली न िा सकी। पास ही एक दुकान के पटे पर छोटे पहलवान भी बैठा था और यह सब देख रहा था। दुकानदार ने सेठ िी से कहा - "सेठ िी आप छोटे पहलवान से अगर कह दे तो आपकी गाडी पार जनकल िाएगी।" सेठ िी ने छोटे पहलवान से गाडी जनकालने कहा। पहलवान ने चारो लोगो को हटा ददया और अकेले ही कंधे के सहारे से बडे आसानी से गाडी को गडढे से जनकाल ददया। "भई ये तो कमाल हो गया... पहलवान तो बडे ताकतवर है।... आप करते कया है पहलवान िी " सेठ िी ने पूछा "अिी करते तो कुछ नही है... आिकल जबलकुल खाली है... बहत भले और िरीफ आदमी है ... लाठी चलाने मे तो इतने माजहर है दक बीस -बीस आदमी भी इनका कुछ नही जबगाड सकते " दुकानदार ने पहलवान की तरफ से िवाब ददया। पहलवान चुपचाप वापस वही िाकर बैठ गया िहाा पहले बैठा था और चेहरे पर लापरवाही के भाव लाकर बातो को अनसुनी िैसी करने लगा। अब तो सेठ िी की ददलचसपी छोटे पहलवान मे और बढ गई- "मै िहरो और गाावो मे अपने वापार के कारण घूमता रहता हा... अकसर रात मे भी सफर करना पडता है … अगर ये पहलवान सफर मे मेरे साथ रहेगा तो चोर -डाकुओ का खतरा नही रहेगा" सेठ ने मन ही मन सोचा और पहलवान को अपने साथ चलने को राजी कर जलया। छोटे पहलवान की तो मौि आ गई। अचछा खाना -पीना जमलने लगा तो पहलवान की सेहत और अचछी हो गई। सेठ भी बेखटके अपनी वापाररक याताएा करने लगा। एक ददन िाम के झुटपुटे मे सेठ की गाडी को कुछ लुटेरो ने घेर जलया और गाडी को लूट जलया। सेठ ने देखा दक इस पूरे हादसे मे पहलवान कुछ नही बोला और एक तरफ िा कर बैठ गया। िब सेठ का सारा माल लूटकर और सेठ िी की अचछी जपटाई करने के बाद वहाा से चलने लगे तो सेठ ने लुटेरो को रोका और कहा - "भाइयो तुमने मुझे लूट जलया और जपटाई भी की लेदकन मै तुमको ये हीरे की अागूठी देना चाहता हा िो मैने छुपा के रखी हई थी और तुम लोगो की जनगाह मे नही आई। लेदकन इसके बदले मे मै तुमसे कुछ चाहता हा।" "कया " लुटेरो के मुजखया ने पूछा "वो िो पहलवान बैठा है न पेड के नीचे उसमे हलके से जसफ ़ एक लाठी मार दो।" लुटेरो के मुजखया ने िैसे ही छोटे पहलवान को मारने के जलए लाठी उठाई पहलवान ने लाठी छीनकर िो दनादन लाठी चलाई तो सारे लुटेरे ढेर कर ददए। सेठ िी का सारा सामान वापस जमल गया। अपने घर वापस लौटकर सेठ िी ने छोटे पहलवान से कहा - "पहलवान ये लो अपने जहसाब के पैसे... अब तुम अपने घर िाओ... मै तुमहे नही रख सकता... कारण ये है दक पहले तो मै जपटूा... दफर लुटूा... दफर एक हीरे की अागूठी दूा...दफर तुमको जपटवाऊ ा ... तब कही िाकर तुमको होि आएगा और तुम मुझे बचाओगे... तो भैया तुम अपने घर और हम अपने घर भले...। .... Page - 1/2 .... ‘चौकोर फ ु टबॉल ’ भारतकोि आददतय चौधरी संसथापक एवम् पधान संपादक जहनदी

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Page 11/ AmiComm/ August 2015 चजलए वापस चलते है- तीन तरह के वजि होते है। पहले वे िो जररत को देखते हए जबना कहे ही काम करते है दूसरे वे िो कहने से काम कर देते है और तीसरे वे िो कहने से भी काम नही करते बजलक उनको दकसी पररजसथजत मे फ ासाकर ही काम कराया िा सकता है। ये दुजनया जितनी भी तरककी कर रही है वह पहली शेणी वाले लोगो के कारण कर रही है और दुजनया मे ववसथा संभालने का जजममा उनका है िो दूसरी शेणी के लोग है अब रह िाते है तीसरी शेणी के लोग... तो आप ख़द ही सोच सकते है दक वे दकस शेणी मे आते है। ये लोग होते है चौकोर फ ु टबॉल। जितना लात मारोगे उतना ही सरकेगी गोल फ ु टबॉल की तरह नही दक एक दकक लगाते ही ये िा -वो िा... साव़िजनक केत मे दकस तरह से काम होता है यह तो आप िानते ही है। डाकखाना जबिलीघर सरकारी असपताल आदद मे चले िाये तो लगता है िैसे दुजनया रक सी गई है। जनिी केत मे भी जिनहोने अनुभव दकए है वे काफी ददलचसप है। दकसी भी पजतषान मे 10 मे से 2 वजि ही कम़ठ होते है। ये दो वजि वे होते है जिनके बल पर कमपजनयाा पगजत करती है जवकास करती है। काम के बारे मे कुछ मिहर हजसतयो के उदरण - ऐसा काम चुनो जिसे तुम पयार करते हो इसके बाद तुमहे जजदगी भर काम करने की जररत नही पडेगी - कंफयूिस कयोदक यह काम तुमहारा पेम होगा और पेम कोई काय़ नही होता दकसी ऐसे आदमी को नौकरी मत दो िो अपना काम पैसे के जलए करता है बजलक उसे नौकरी दो िो अपने काम से मुहबबत करता है- हेनरी डेजवड थोरो साथ िुडना एक िुरआत है साथ रहना पगजत है और साथ काम करना ही सफलता है - हेनरी फ़रड िब एक बुजदमान और होनहार वजि दकसी पजतषान मे नौकरी करता है तो उसका काम करने का तरीका सामानय वजियो से अलग होता है। वह िानता है दक यदद उसे जवकास करना है तो कमपनी की पगजत भी िररी है और वह जबना भावुकता के सोची समझी रणनीजत के साथ अपने काम को जजममेदारी से करता है। सीधी सी बात है अगर हमे महतवपूण़ बनना है तो हमे उस पजतषान की अजनवाय़ जररत के रप मे खुद को साजबत करना होगा। यहाा पर यह भी धयान देने योगय है दक कोई भी पजतषान दकसी कम़चारी को भावुकता के धरातल पर नही रखता इसजलए कम़चाररयो का भी पजतषान के पजत भावुक पेम जनरथ़क ही है। 150 करोड की आबादी को छूने को तैयार हमारे देि मे कई पारटयो की सरकारे बनी कभी सपष बहमत से तो कभी जमली िुली लेदकन साव़िजनक केत को अचछी तरह संभालने मे कभी भी कोई भी सरकार सफल नही रही। कया ये लोकतंत की मिबूरी है कया पिातांजतक ढांचे मे चल रहे देि इसी पकार की समसयाओ से िूझते रहते है कया उतर है इन बातो का असल मे सरकारी नौकररयो की दुजनया ही अलग है िहाा कम़ठता और अकम़णयता मे कोई उललेखनीय भेद नही है। न िाने कयो साव़िजनक केत मे कम़चाररयो के जनजरिय और अकम़णय होने पर भी दकसी पकार के गमभीर दणड का पावधान नही है। इसी कारण साव़िजनक केत जनिी केत से जपछडते िाते है। Page - 2/2 ...‘चौकोर फ ु टबॉल ’

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Page 12/ AmiComm/ August 2015 ALS-II Events The Workshop-cum-Guest Lecture on ‘Communication Skills Lawyers’ Experts who shared their experience skills and observations with the students on 12 August 2015:  Mr. Sudhanshu Ranjan Senior Anchor Correspondent Delhi Doordarshan  Mr. Satya Prakash Legal Editor-Hindustan Times  Mr. Deepak Kumar Sharma Director SS Legal Associates  Mr. Siddhant Sahni Regional Manager for Career Development  Ms. Niharika Swaroop Associate Sagar Chandra Associates

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Page 13/ AmiComm/ August 2015 Selected ALS-II Events Freshers’ Party: 27 August 2015

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