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AmiComm- July 2015- Communication Skills Newsletter by Communication Skills Enhancement Club of Amity Law School, Centre-II, Amity University, Noida


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Quoting the Motivators: The Amity Leadership Mentors: Prof. Mamta Srivastav Addl. Director Dr. Aditya Tomer DyDirector Editor-in-Chief : Parveen Kumar Sharma E-mail: D r . As h o k K . C h a u h a n F o u n d e r P r e s i d e n t “ Amity is not just a group of institutions which imparts world- class education but an experience where everyone associated is part of a dream a mission to see that we nurture truly great leaders.” D r . At u l C h a u h a n C h a n c e l l o r AU U P “We are creating centres of thought leadership across the world where faculty scientists and brilliant students can explore and expand the frontiers of knowledge.” D r . M r s . B a l vi n d e r S h u k l a Vi c e - C h a n c e l l o r AU U P “At Amity we focus on each every student to bring out their full potential and empower them with a winning attitude.” In this AmiComm: Quoting the Motivators Messages and Motivation Editorial Note Editorial Mantra CSEC- Introduction CSEC AmiComm Team Featured Article on Careers Expert Advice AmiComm Literary AmiComm EdTech Movies Lawyers Movie Reviews AmiComm August Agenda ALS-II :Events-Planned and Organised Invitation to Join AmiComm

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To meet the demand of this dynamic era a lot of emphasis is being given these days on the academics innovations technology and value based education. Amity is accelerating towards achieving the goal of being globally ranked education group. Amity believes in the all-inclusive development of its students and provides them quality platforms to nurture talents. The vision of Hon’ble Founder President is to create ambassa- dors of learning and values and that is exactly we are aiming at through various academic and associated activities. Value addition has been a very important part of our education and Communication Skills remains a priority among the skills imparted to each Amitian. I am pleased to see that Amity Law School Centre-II has come up with yet another Amity initiative to accomplish the Amity vision and mission through this newsletter. I congratulate the Communication Skills Enhancement Club CSEC of ALS-II for initiating AmiComm- Communication Skills Newsletter which has the essence of Amity’s foundation: Competence Commitment and Self-Motivation. My best wishes and blessings to the Team of Students and Faculty. Prof. Dr. Balvinder Shukla Vice Chancellor Professor – Entrepreneurship Leadership Words from the Motivator Page 02/ AmiComm/ July 2015

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Communication Skills Enhancement is a Mission and We are Committed to Impart the Best Skills to Our Students. Page 03/ AmiComm/ July 2015 Mentor’s Note: Communication is the key to success and we at Amity University envision a successful future for our students. Following the vision of our dynamic Amity leaders we nurture talent. Students as well as the faculty who teaches them need to stay connected beyond the classroom as well. As students of Law each student is required to earn the multi-dimensional skill sets. Communication Skills is most significant in these skills. In this age of Information Overload AmiComm is initiated to establish a strong and shared foundation of ‘Communication’. “Amity Communication” becomes AmiComm and this monthly newsletter is presenting itself as a platform of learning and sharing . It is for Amitians and by Amitians. I wish to congratulate the Communication Skills Enhancement Club and AmiComm Team of ALS-II for coming ahead with this newsletter. I am sure that with the active participation of ALS-II students and faculty AmiComm team will add new dimensions to learning. Each issue of AmiComm shall bring advice from career experts and will give enough space to stu- dents to present their learning observation legal aid initiatives and will also serve as a monthly communiqué of ALS II. Dr. Aditya Tomer Dy. Director ALS-II 1. Courtesy 2. Consideration 3. Clarity 4. Correctness 5. Completeness 6. Concreteness 7. Conciseness ‘Communication for Management’ Functions:  Workplace Management  Decision Making  Problem Solving  Image Building and Public Relations  Inter-Cultural Harmony at Workplace  Motivational Aspects The 7 Cs of Communication “Dont watch the clock do what it does. Keep going.”-Sam Levenson "If your ship doesnt come in swim out to it." - Jonathan Winters Editorial Mantra From the Editor’s Desk: AmiComm– Communication Skills Newsletter aims at making sense to each one of you. As an Amitian I am sure that all our students will join this mission of Skill Enhancement. Through this monthly e-newsletter we shall be sharing the best of expert advice for a successful career. Each aspect that relates to Communication Skills shall be kept in AmiComm. The priority is to assist each learner in establishing a strong foundation of Communicative Competence. We hope that AmiComm shall serve as a platform of expressions and will be able to initiate the mission of Skill Enhancement. Let us walk together towards Learning to Communicate Effectively. Parveen Kumar Sharma

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CSEC– Communication Skills Enhancement Club “Do not ask your children to strive for extraordinary lives. Such striving may seem admirable but it is the way of foolishness. Help them instead to find the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life. Show them the joy of tasting tomatoes apples and pears. Show them how to cry when pets and people die. Show them the infinite pleasure in the touch of a hand. And make the ordinary come alive for them. The extraordinary will take care of itself.” William Martin The Most ordinary thing in our life is ‘Communication’ For us Communication Skills is not an alien thing to master. We just need to revitalize our competence and re-believe in what we are Remember: ‘None of us is as smart as all of us.’ Page 04/ AmiComm/ July 2015

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With determination and sincere strategy to add skills to our communication CSEC invites you all to be on board with us. CSEC has only one objective: To Assist the Learners in the Enhancement of their Communication Skills With Student Leadership and Cooperation from All our ALS-II Faculty and Staff we shall be conducting and Managing Special Interactions Workshops Blogs Mock Interviews Communication Skills Practices Public Speaking Personality Development Guidance Creative Writing Newsletter Podcast and YouTube Presentations….and everything that you suggest to really Enhance the Communi- cative Competence of each one of us. We shall be available for honest assistance and will do our best to guide every Amitian accomplish a skilled ground. We solicit the cooperation of all teachers who are in fact our real strength. Students who want to join CSEC and want to share their Learning with all are welcome They are also invited to join the Team of AmiComm- Communication Skills Newsletter. Mail your queries to / or visit any of the CSEC faculty members: To the Students– For the Amitians Parveen Kumar Sharma Editor-in-Chief Assistant Professor-II Amity Law School-II Dr. Sumitra Singh Associate Editor Assistant Professor-II Amity Law School-II Lekha Rani Singh Associate Editor Assistant Professor-II Amity Law School-II Page 05/ AmiComm/ July 2015

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A Degree in Law WHY ‘Careers and Possibilities’  The Courtroom Career - Criminal Lawyer Matrimonial Lawyer etc.  Legal Practitioner / Advocate / Legal Advisor  Corporate and Tax Lawyer-Consultant or Advisor  Solicitor for the Government  Patent/IPR related Advisory  Jobs with NGOs  Legal Journalism– Columnist/Reporter/Anchor/Editor etc.  Judiciary/Administrative Jobs  Labour and Employment Lawyers  Education- Teaching Training  Publishing Industry as Authors/Content Writers/Editors  Legal Outsourcing Legal Aid/Assistance Abroad Mr. Ankit Ahluwalia Advocate Supreme Court Delhi High Court Information on the Walk... Page 06/ AmiComm/ July 2015

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Featured Article “AmiComm Confident Communicator” The first thing you need to realise is that a career in the media is not a regular 9 to 5 job. If your expectation from your job is regular hours maybe you need to consider a different profession. Now that is out of the way let us look at the basic attributes that one looks for when hiring for the media: a Communication – whichever medium you work in the fact remains that you are in the business of commu- nication. The ability to communicate an idea to your audience is crucial. More importantly you need to be able to communicate precisely and succulently. Practice communication. Write draft letters draft pitches draft epi- sode synopsis movie synopsis. More importantly read what other people have written because it gives you an idea of how good communication works. b Cultivate interests outside the media : Beyond Bollywood or IPL. The media is about communicating ideas and ideas do not develop in the abstract. The best media works are by people who have a variety of inter- ests. c Power of listening and observation – absolutely important to learn to observe and listen. Do not learn bad habits from broadcast news television – the less you interrupt the more you listen and the more you observe – the more likely you are to develop a good piece of content. Ideas are usually one liners. The success of an idea depends on how well you flesh it out and points b and c help you to do this. d Easy Going – it is only in films that the difficult maverick who gets on with nobody ends up successful. In real life it is those who are easy going and easy to get along with who end up doing well. The only attitude that works well is the desire for excellence and the desire to collaborate with others. Working in the media is all about working with people and it is these people who will determine your success or failure. e Curiosity as opposed to nosiness – while curiosity may have killed the cat it helps young entrants into the media get a great start. Learn your job understand how others do their jobs be curious about subjects you work on – do your research. f Passion – is an underrated virtue but it is always good to interact with those who are passionate about life interests and the media. With all things being equal it is passion that wins the day. Education and Degrees are important. But being in the media which is fast evolving means that you have to keep evolving and bettering yourself. These are exciting times for the media hope you enjoy the ride. Page 07/ AmiComm/ July 2015 Harini Calamur Head - Digital Content at Zee Media Corporation A career in the media is exciting. And rewarding. And extremely demanding. Referring to Legal Journalism as a Career

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Expert Advice Sabba Quidwai Apple Distinguished Educator Director Innovative Learning KSM University of Southern California USA Let the World Be Your Stage Technology and communication go hand in hand and over the years our potential reach has expanded. In our early beginnings communication was immobile - written in stone visible only to those who were within walking distance. With the 15th century came the invention of the printing press which allowed information to travel to people. As technology progressed the passing of this information became faster and faster. However one’s audience was still limited. With the rise of the world wide web the world is now your stage and the power of reach lies within your hands. The possibili- ties for you as a student are limited only to your imagination. In the book “Show Your Work” Austin Kleon argues that you don’t find an audience for your work they find you. Of course in order for people to find you you have to be findable. Imagine having shared your work over the course of your academic career you never know when a project or blog post may catch someone’s attention creating opportunities that you may have never thought possible. As a communications student how can you leverage the power of the tools available to you so that you can present yourself on the world stage What can you be doing to become more findable Share Your Work Kleon argues that people who are able to make themselves findable do so by sharing their work. They don’t just present a finished product rather they engage people in their process creating a following. This following in turn is there to support you through feedback and fellowship. Sharing can often be intimidat- ing. Will people judge me Will people like what they see Will I look like an amateur Kleon says it is the amateur who was the liveliest spirit of them all. He opens this section with a quote from Charlie Chap- lin “That’s all any of us are: amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.” Everyone has something to contribute and it is through the sharing of your ideas that your ideas can in- volve. Great creations do not come at once they come from the combination of lots of bits and pieces that when come together create an explosion. Kleon’s advice “Share what you love and the people who love the same things will find you.” Why not allow others to witness and share in your journey Page 08/ AmiComm/ July 2015 Let the World Be Your Stage Congratulations on the inaugural newsletter and I wish Amity University its faculty and students lots of success. : Sabba

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Page 09/ AmiComm/ July 2015 AmiComm EdTech Softwares Apps Web for Communication Skills OXFORD ADVANCE Learner’s Dictionary: CD- ROM with Oxford iWriter Take a Look at the Dictionary’s CD ROM which has the Advanced Learning Features that enables you to Do the same dictionary functions along with some super-special fea- tures. The iWriter helps you in working on Presentation Reports and Resume etc. The list of 3000 Words Vocabulary Activities Grammar Maps are some other features that make Oxford ALD an integral part of our learning system. Get the latest edition and install the complimentary Software on Desktop/Laptop and “Communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts messages or information as by speech visuals signals writing or behavior. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or a group of living creatures. Pragmatics defines communication as any sign-mediated interaction that follows combinatorial context-specific and content-coherent rules. Communicative competence designates the capability to install inter-subjective interactions which means that communication is an inherent social interaction.”  Active Listening Activity Ideas  Assertive Communication Skill Tips  Communication Skills Activities  Effective Business Communication Skills AmiComm Literary: Experience the Magic of Words and See How a Young Writer Captures the Hearts Ankit Kumar Amitian B.Tech.- 2008-2012 Batch AmiComm Literary will bring for you What Amitians have created and shared with AmiComm Literary Blogs Websites:  News-Views for the Youth-by the Youth  terribly tiny tales brings together a diverse pool of fantastic writers to cre- ate one tweet-sized story everyday. We invite readers to contribute a word from which the writer picks a word of his/her choice If you carry Creative Writing in heart… Bring it in the AmiComm Literary Join AmiComm

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Philadelphia 1993 Directed by Jonathan Demme As a courtroom drama it is extremely effective and a fine cast which includes Mary Steenburgen and Joanne Woodward stirs the emotions without sentimental overtones. Arguably the horror of death from Aids has been sanitized for popular consumption but nevertheless it is a brave and commendable effort. Soon after Tom Hanks a young hotshot in a Philadelphia law firm wins pro- motion a lesion forms on his forehead. It transpires that he has Aids and eventually the physical effects are impossible to conceal from the partners led by Jason Robards. They fire him unconvincingly citing incompetence as their reason. He knows death is inevitable he resolves to sue his old firm on the grounds that his dismissal was really because of his illness and therefore unfair. The closed society of Philadelphia law turns its back on him and in desperation he goes to a fiercely heterosexual black law- yer Denzel Washington who makes a point of standing up for the oppressed. He is essentially ho- mophobic but he is also against persecution and after initial reluctance takes on the case. It gives Hanks Movies Lawyers A Few Must Watches…. 12 Angry Men 1957 12 Angry Men masterfully directed by Sidney Lumet begins when Juror 8 Henry Fonda refuses to raise his hand when the other jurors are about to finalize their verdict – 11 votes against one which means a delay in sending a man accused of murdering his own father to the electric chair. Uncertainty and a bad defense causes Henry Fonda`s character to have a reasonable doubt about the entire case which makes the other jurors reconsider analyze and examine each aspect of the life of an unseen man for the audience. Even though Juror 8 is certain of his beliefs he asks the other jurors to explain why they think that the young man must be sentenced to death for a crime he may not have committed. It is fascinating to see how all these men express their strong arguments against juror 8. And when they dig deep into the story they understand that nothing is as simple as it seems and maybe just maybe the 18-year old man did not kill his father. While they argue about his life a great battle begins between juror 8 and a very stubborn juror 3 Lee J. Cobb who has no intention of changing his decision under the heavy facts brought up by the rest of the jurors. What is most amazing about 12 Angry Men is the simplicity of the story written by Reginal Rose. The character study is done so well and is so educational and inspiring that the audience will keep thinking about it even after watching this film. हिनदी संसकरण : एक र का ह ुआ फैसला निर ेशक: बास ु चटर ी Juror 8 played by K.K. Raina Page 10/ AmiComm/ July 2015

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Simple-Simple-Simple Page 11/ AmiComm/ July 2015 Making An Impressive Social Media Profile ‘Ready to Add’ Skills and Communication Tips Personalities: Inspiring Profiles Websites/Blogs/Twitter Handles/FB Profiles for Learners EdTech Integration Tips for Teachers Conversational English Tips AmiComm Agenda for ‘AmiComm August’ -Proposed Aspects AmiComm Literary– Prose Poetry Travelogue and Diaries Legal Aid General Awareness Correspondence Tips Remedial Grammar Tips Avoiding Common Errors Article by ‘Confident Communicator of the Month’ There is no end to what we plan and what we toil for… Join Learning ALS-II Achievements Highlights Employability Skills Enhancement Tips Resume Writing GD Interview Guidelines AmiComm Talks

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‘AmiComm August’ awaits Your Contribution Contact the Editorial Board: Parveen Kumar Sharma/Dr. Sumitra Singh/Ms. Lekha Rani Singh Amity Law School Centre-II Amity University Sector-125 Noida UP 201313 Students are invited to Write on varied aspects of Communication Skills –Listening Speaking Reading Writing – All We have in AmiComm. Share Your Experiences and Observations Collaborate with Your Communication Skills Faculty – Submit Your Content on Suggested Topics and Themes. Bring Expert Advice from the Industry and Get it Shared with All Write Short-Stories and Publish them with AmiComm Literary Or Bring Page 12/ AmiComm/ July 2015 Share AmiComm Online with AmiComm Read beyond these Pages on the AmiComm Blog: ALS-II Events/July 2015  10 August 2015 - Extempore Competition  12 August 2015 - Workshop: ‘Communication Skills Lawyers’  19 August 2015 - Career Counseling Session  27 August 2015 - Freshers Party Planned Events:

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