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in the framework of Comenius project titled "HUMAN RIGHTS in EUROPE"


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Lycée Émile Loubet:

Lycée Émile Loubet Valence 18 poems for Human Rights

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1) In every woman's heart, by Nora Descamps (5 votes) 2) I've got a crown,by Lucie Stepanian (3 votes) 3) Three stories, one will ,by Anaelle Lodo (3 votes) 4) Freedom is a long travel ,by Elodie Pierre (3 votes) 5) Hope for a dream , by Laury Anater (2 votes) 6) He's just someone who loves someone, by Lucile Teyssedou (2 votes ) 7) Today is the day where we will speak freely, by Alice Morgenthaler (2 votes) 8) Human Rights (Together against racism), by Arthur Chambon (2 votes) 9) Better world, by Irina Sellami ( 2 votes ) 10) Everyone can't have it, by Amira Melouah ( 2 votes ) Contents

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18)Can we think in France ?, by Daniel Fabre (1 vote) 11)The meaning of workplace, by Paul Descoins (1 vote) 12)Today, I'm a grown up, by Chanael RavinelDjaidja (1 vote) 13)In their country of fear and terror, by Quentin Brunel (1 vote) 15)Stop discrimination, by Charlene Picq (1 vote) 16)Free love, by Andrey Lapchik (1 vote) 17)Imagine, by Julien Baruch (1 vote)

In every woman's heart Nora Descamps:

In every woman's heart Nora Descamps 1. In every woman's heart Light and hope were born When for the first time They could lay in the urn The envelope of liberty In every woman's heart Prestige and glory were born They optioned the work of their dream In every woman's heart Something was like a break When for their pay a zero was missing In every woman's heart Happiness and longing were born When they got back home In every woman's heart Something was like a break When they had to do the cooking and do the washing But in every woman's heart Hope and ambition are still here One day , we’ll be all equal

I've got a crown Lucie Stepanian :

I've got a crown Lucie Stepanian 2. I’ve got a crown With precious stones Through every stone that is shown Shines a freedom that was gone When Equality met the sapphire They fell in love from the beginning When Miss Liberty met the Jade They knew that a lot would be made Justice got so happy, To be represented by a Ruby Finally, remains the Diamond, For freedom of expression, With a shiny stone like this, Freedom was such a bliss. Citizens of all over the world, My crown is yours. Keep it shiny and wear it always, For your freedom to rise for years!

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Three stories, one will Anaelle Lodo 3. I was born in Afghanistan But France has been my country since I was 12. I’ve lived here so far away from my family Stayed in my dangerous country. Today I’m 18, after having waited during 5 years I have asked to be naturalized: My French is almost completed I know rights and duties, I succeed. Today I have an identity I can vote, work legally. I’ve found my place, I have a future. Coming from Libya, frightened by this new start, I was searching for a better life, Work, justice and freedom. The country of human rights threw me back I’ve no diplomas, this language isn’t mine. I’ll have no safe place, My resident card will expire and In the past the war, in the future, the unknown. I was born in France and Even if my parents are Indian, I’ve grown up, I have learnt, I’ve lived Among the other children Without fear of my future Without apprehension for my life In a few years, I will be 18 I will obtain the nationality by rights I will vote, I will be a French citizen.

Freedom is a long travel Elodie Pierre :

Freedom is a long travel Elodie Pierre Freedom is a long travel Which lets you discover different worlds . You have a map to guide you in faith , You have the sun to illuminate your ideas , You have a compass to help you , And you have an ocean of dreams . In this paradise , there is a rainbow And each of its colors have a symbol : F uscia symbolizes cultures, B R own symbolizes nationalities Purpl E symbolizes religions Gr E en symbolizes humans Re D symbolizes dreams Yell O w symbolizes sex opinions M auve symbolizes freedom . But there is just a black cloud Which darkens this colourful firework It's the grey ban Which puts France in front of these different colours 4. One day, on the way of solidarity, I saw a man. He came to give his blood, But when he arrived at the gift's house, The door was closed And he heard a voice saying : "It's prohibited for you..." It's discrimination But also an evolution For our old country. I'm thinking of homosexuals, They just have to be equal Giving them the right to be free. I'm thinking of liberty wars, When everyone will be armed with hapiness guns And smiles will be used as bullets. Because freedom is a dream, Which has to become true In the purpose that each of us, Leaves its own dreams And not dreams his life.

Hope for a dream Laury Anater:

Hope for a dream Laury Anater I know I can hope for a better world which can never be But I continue to hope This may seem to be desperate or foolish or crazy I continue to hope I throw my coins in the fountain I am looking for clovers in the grass I watch the shooting stars in the night I cross my fingers and I dream I know I can dream of a just world Far from the reality of injustice But I continue to daydream This may seem unrealistic This may seem naive or innocent I continue to dream Because you do not have the shoes trends Because your hair is too curly, too straight, too this or that, Because you've had the same coat for two years, The cut of your jeans is outdated ... You are immediately put aside I will continue to hope We must always continue to dream of a world Where the war marks would be abolished Where everyone would be free 5. A world without humiliation without trial We all want a world without criticism without dress code We all dream of a world where everyone lives free to speak Then we can make every effort to change minds

He's just someone who loves someone Lucile Teyssedou :

He’s just someone who loves someone It’s not an illness , not a crime You hit them , you hurt them , you make them cry But do you think they deserve to die ? You’re laughing at them because they’re different ; They’re laughing at you because you’re all the same Does it make you happy to see the pain deep in their hearts ? Maybe you don’t remember the pink triangle on their shirts You ask for tolerance but you allow yourselves to judge them Who do you think you are to forbid them to raise children ? You all think homosexuality is a mental illness But the real disease is the inability to accept they’re not like you There are no differences between humans , only preferences : Love can’t be explained and it has no gender Everybody deserves the right to be proud of whom he loves Nobody’s supposed to be ashamed of his feelings. He's just someone who loves someone Lucile Teyssedou 6.

Today is the day Alice Morgenthaler :

Today is the day Alice Morgenthaler Today is the day where we will speak freely The time when we don’t have to be afraid anymore It’s the day when we will think differently And when we’ll talk with everybody more and more Today is the day when we have to be free To express ourselves, to speak publically Yet, a lot of us are extremely scared, But why exist if we are so afraid ? Today is the day when we will all stand up To say, to sing, to scream what are our real thoughts Our own dream must be true when we wake up And we’ll thank life for this gift it has brought Because today is the day of renewal The day when we will be proud to speak louder We were shy, and we used to be scared by all But now our dream came true, for today and forever 7.

Human Rights (Together against racism) Arthur Chambon :

Human Rights ( Together against racism ) Arthur Chambon There is too much racism, There is too much discrimination, And when one man has a dream, It’s all the world who dream, That we are black or white, That we have different religion, We are all equal, In rights and in life, Racism is like a bridge, The entire world walks alone, And when one man is racist, He falls off the bridge, And he is bad, Today there are a lot of people, Who swim in the river under the bridge. 8.

Better world Irina Sellami :

Better world Irina Sellami I dream of lots of things That tomorrow will be better than yesterday I have full of dreams But why do I have to run away ? I have wants and desires just like you Yes my skin is black But that's no reason to hold me back ! Yes your skin is white Does that make you right ? This is a message to all Together we have to fight to become equal ! Black is a color just like white So tell me how can a color be decisive ? Now look in your mirror what do you see Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth just like me ! Your eyes are open but you refuse to see Because of my color, I struggle to be free And that is a crime ! You think the only people who are people Are the people who look and think like you But if you walk in the footsteps of the stranger You'll learn things you never knew ! Together, the world will be better... 9.

Everyone can't have it Amira Melouah :

Everyone can't have it Amira Melouah Everyone can't have it But it's really easy to get it Citizenship is important In this precious moment So now, don't pretend That you can't stand We are all equal And don't let it fall Because we are free But we need nationality Citizenship means equality And equality means liberty If you want to be a true citizen Fight for it until the end There is an opportunity To make our nation free . Citizenship is the key of equality Open the door and become free 10.

The meaning of workplace Paul Descoins :

The meaning of workplace Paul Descoins In spite of labor laws in France, And opposed to those who want, To make people believe in equality at work, Every colour-skinned job seeker delivers fight. That's why we, French, have to progress on this right. Even if you can see violence as the only way, Of calling attention to your misery, every day. There are some different means to display Your feelings to other people, Who want to join your fight for example. Everybody knows in silence that We're not on an equal footing! Like us, you can have the feeling That in our country there is much chitchat. I would like to say to employers, We are all members, Of a same family and don't forget, to win Look at the capacities, not at the colour of skin... 11.

Today, I'm a grown up Chanael RavinelDjaidja :

Today , I'm a grown up Chanael RavinelDjaidja Today , I'm a grown -up And I make my own decision Today , I'm a grownup And I've got my own opinion We are supposed to be free, But it's not a reality So, what are we doing To prove our feelings ? We can't shout our love, We can't express our love. I was thinking we get married When we do love someone But we are not accepted By the other one Our wedding so beautiful Will never be accepted Our wedding so beautiful Will be forever condemned We can't express our love Because it can't fly freely like a dove .. 12.

In their country of fear and terror Quentin Brunel :

In their country of fear and terror Quentin Brunel In their country of fear and terror They are not accepted by their governements , their society What are their differences ? Their error ? Maybe it's their fight for liberty and equality Or perhaps just just to be born In the land of persecution It’s for all left , time to flee from repression Enough blood Enough death Enough murders Enough injustice Enough tyrants 13.

In their country of fear and terror Quentin Brunel :

In their country of fear and terror Quentin Brunel They see the land of intolerance behind them And they promise never to return In front, the country of rights and fortune It’s the way to exile The storm roars and the refugees awaken As hopes are always more important The storm roars and the refugees hope A music rises in the air It is freedom which them call The storm roars and the refugees sing But in the country of human rights The mentalities are closed like the borders Disillusion replaces light Men are not any brothers ? They say there is not enough work , not enough space They do not like foreigners , their languages , their cultures, their faces But that they do not say What are their differences ? Their error ? Maybe it's their number or their skin color Or perhaps just just to be born 14.

Stop discrimination Charlene Picq :

Stop discrimination Charlene Picq We are all different So? We are all important They don’t think that there is an ideal A person isn’t more valuable than another Coming , homosexuals and gothics Coming , poor and rich Coming , ugly and eccentrics Discrimination should be abolished Break the chains of segregation Break the walls of exclusion A revolt is in walk , it will win ! I don’t want suicide again I don’t want the mothers ’ cries again Hasn’t the world enough blood on its hands? 15.

Free love Andrey Lapchik:

Free love Andrey Lapchik What would you do if you were free? If you were free, who would you be ? If only you were free. If I were free, I would do Everything I wanted to Having children with my wife Or adopt children without strife If I were free, that's what I'd do ! If I were free, I would be Me and only me How else would I live my life ? I should be free to have a husband or a wife If I were free, that's who I'd be ! As I am free, I wish , I want Free, every woman , every man To choose their love To fly like a dove And let everyone do what they can't ! 16.

Imagine Julien Baruch:

Imagine Julien Baruch Imagine a world where you can do what you want A world where thought is free A world where conscience is free. Imagine this world… Imagine a world where you may see The Gothic and the street’s man together, Old people with teenagers Hand in hand with a smile. Imagine this world… Imagine a world where discrimination is forgotten Where we see the black with the white Together is an ocean of culture. Imagine this world… Imagine a world where the rich Gives his hand to the poor, A world based on help. Imagine this world… Impossible is nothing… 17.

Can we think in France ? Daniel Fabre:

Can we think in France ? Daniel Fabre Can we think and express our opinions in France? Freedom of expression, this right is the most fundamental , For all men and women to be equal . And yet , a lot of dangers attack this freedom with their lance. In France, the freedom of the press is guaranteed by the diversity of opinions And by the pluralism of news and information. In France, the law punishes slander and defamation . In France, the law prohibits licentious and violent publications. However , the freedom of expression is threatened . Censorship , a terrible poison has invaded The web, cascades of words and oceans of violence, Where there are always insults and never silence. In France, we have a shield of laws Unlike China, North Korea who have a lot of flaws . We would like that ONU and all governments fight For all the birthrights : Human Rights . 18.


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