Human Rights in Germany

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Human-rights in Germany:

Human- rights in Germany Made by: Fabian Schulz Emely Landmesser Ralph Schwägerl

1815 German Confederation:

1815 German Confederation 1815 kings and prince decide in secret conferences the “ Karlsbader Beschlüsse ”. they want to protect their self against a downfall of the government. The “ Karlsbader Beschlüsse ” say that it’s forbidden to say your own opinion in the publicity.

Weimarer consititution :

Weimarer consititution After the first world war broke down the German Empire It was a new Germany There was a general, equal and secret suffrage and woman were allowed to vote

German Revolution :

German Revolution On 18. May was in St. Paul's Church in Frankfurt, the first German National Assembly opened. The President of the Assembly was Henry Gagern. The bill of rights of the Paul's Church was important for the Weimarer constitution of 1919.

The third empire (1933-1945) :

The third empire (1933-1945)

Federal republik of Germany 1949-1990 :

Federal republik of Germany 1949-1990 The human rights have been integrated in the German Amendment Everybody had rights people with a handicap had the right of being supported by the government but they enjoyed a wors education and that made them getting less money than the others

German reunification 1990:

German reunification 1990 The rights from west germany . They had for example the freedom of press an other rightes , which don‘t exist before the freedom of people in east germany (DDR) is limited and violated. On the third October 1990, east germany (DDR) join into west germany (BRD). All humans has rights

Contoverse discussions of currently Humen rights violations :

Contoverse discussions of currently Humen rights violations Headscarves of teachers Racist attacks against immigrant ....

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