History of the Kurt-Schumacher-Schule

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Kurt-Schumacher-Schule By Mario, Rene, Sara and Giorgia

Foundation :

Foundation The school was founded in 1965. The school is called after the famous politician Kurt Schumacher. Kurt Schumacher was born on 18 October 1895 in Culm and he died on 20 August 1952.

Size :

Size Since 2000 the school is the largest in the district.

The education sectors:

The education sectors The school is divided in two different levels : Middle school Junior high school It is a comprehensive school with three different learning levels : Hauptschule is the lowest levels , for students who are not very intellectually skilled . Realschule for craftsmen , employees etc. Gymnasium for fast learners who want to go to university .

High School:

High School The main branch includes the grades 5 to 9 and leads to secondary school in five years , and this is the prerequisite for the practical training in various professions or for the transition into vocational full -time offers .

Junior high school :

Junior high school The secondary school lasts six years, from class 5 to 10 when you get the secondary school certificate, which is the prerequisite for training in various professions.

Upper classes:

Upper classes This branch prepares students to the successful participation in universities. After that you get your A-Levels.

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