7 Travel Tips for Frequent Fliers

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http://www.papillon.com If you’re a frequent flier, make traveling less stressful by packing carefully, having all important information on hand, and preparing for potential emergencies. Here are our top seven travel tips.


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If you spend a lot of time in the air, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to make traveling easier and less stressful. Good news: we’ve put together a list of 7 helpful tips for frequent fliers that makes airport travel faster, easier, and (sometimes) cheaper.


When you travel often or over long distances, taking the time to pack carefully pays off. The goal should be to get everything into as small and light a bag or suitcase as possible. Large, heavy bags make navigating planes and airports harder, and add extra stress to the trip.


Air travel can leave you incredibly dehydrated, which in turn saps your energy and makes traveling more stressful. Be sure to keep drinking fluids whenever possible. Try to stock up on water at the airport before you get on the plane.


Before you arrive at a destination, you should have all the names of locations you’re visiting and addresses on hand. One of the easiest ways to do this is to send yourself a single email with a list of all the places you’ll be visiting and staying, their addresses, and relevant contact information.


Whenever you have a spare moment next to an outlet, plug in your phone, tablet, or laptop and grab as much juice as possible. You want your devices to always be as fully powered as possible, especially on long trips, and access to outlets can be limited and unpredictable when on the road.


If you want to go through security quick, you go to the shortest line, right? Not necessarily. Instead of just looking at line length, watch how quickly the security agent manning a station sends people through. You might end up getting through faster in a long line with a fast-working security agent than vice versa.


After a long trip, it can be a real pain to remember where you left your car. One easy way to help you remember is to take a photo of the lot number or other identifying info, and then email yourself the pic. That way you’ll be able to find your car easily, no matter how long ago you parked it.


If something goes wrong on your trip and you end up stranded, how long would you be able to survive with what you have on hand? No one wants the worst to happen, but it’s best to be prepared when it does. Make sure you have access to enough money to cope with a sudden emergency, should one happen.


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