Gaiters : What Are They & How To Choose the Right One


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Gaiters are one of the most important accessories that are needed while going on a hiking tour. Gaiters protect for different outdoor works like bicycling in the rain,trekking, walking in snow or in a rough terrain. Black Crystal Online offers a wide collection of hiking and leg gaiters. Apart from gaiters they also offer hiking waist pack and running fanny pack.


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Gaiters & Their Types :

Gaiters & Their Types

What is Gaiters? :

What is Gaiters? As per Wikipedia Gaiters are garments worn over the shoe and lower pants leg, and used primarily as personal protective equipment. Gaiters are the perfect companion for your boots to keep unwanted snow, water, and debris out. A gaiter protects your clothing and your body during dirty, wet or snowy outdoor activities. It should be considered as an essential item for any winter travel, hiking or climbs.

Types of Gaiters:

Types of Gaiters There are a variety of gaiters that can be selected depending on your activity. Trail gaiters Alpine gaiters Expedition Gaiters Women's gaiters Backpacking gaiters

Trail Gaiters :

Trail Gaiters These gaiters are lightweight and breathable. They gives basic protection against rocks, grit and light rain while on mild-weather excursions. Among trail gaiters, there are short gaiters and long gaiters. The height of the gaiters you choose depends on how much protection you need.

Alpine Gaiters:

Alpine Gaiters These are designed for all-round hiking, Snowshoeing, mountaineering and cross-country skiing. These gaiters are taller which provide better protection for deep snow environments. The upper & lower portions are made from different materials to increase waterproofing and durability.

Expedition Gaiters:

Expedition Gaiters These gaiters provide heavy-duty protection and add insulation for extended mountaineering trips in harsh conditions. They are very similar to the alpine style except in insulation and fit. An expedition gaiter has a layer of insulation built into it for added cold-weather protection. The cut for expedition gaiters is wider, allowing for more layering to happen underneath them.

Women's Gaiters:

Women's Gaiters Women’s Gaiters can fall in any of the above categories. Women's styles are typically shorter in height. They are light weighted & durable.

Backpacking Gaiters:

Backpacking Gaiters Backpacking gaiters are short, lightweight, and breathable. The main idea behind that is keeping rock, debris, and minor snow and rain out of your boots. The material used for that is thin so you won't even remember you are wearing them .

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