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China Meteorological Administration (CMA), a state government institution directly subordinate to the State Council of the People's Republic of China, is to administer and oversee the weather-related affairs nationwide.   Beijing Meteorological Bureau(BMB) is a local institution directly under the Beijing municipal government and China Meteorological Administration.   Beijing Municipal Government and the Ministry of Science and Technology have established the B08 Olympic Games Scientific and Technological Committee and a steering group responsible for developing the Scientific Action Plan of B08 Olympic Games. CMA is the member of the both government organizations mentioned above. The responsibility of CMA is meteorological service support for B08 Olympic Games.   CMA is establishing a steering committee to coordinate the scientific and technological support for Meteorological Service Action Plan for B08 Olympic Games, in which the B08FDP is included. B08FDP will be conducted under the direct supervision of CMA administration.   Chair .The B08FDP Support Working Group established to promote B08 FDP project ,Mr.Xiepu ,Director of Beijing Met. Bureau ,is the chair,and Mr.Wang yubin and Ms.Boli is the contact persons .


The 29th Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, China from 8 to 24 August, 2008, and the Paralympic Games is to be held in the following two weeks. During this period, the high impact weather events such as high temperature and mugginess, heavy rain and thunderstorms occur frequently. The Forecast Demonstration Project (FDP) be implemented during the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing (hereinafter referred to as B08FDP) to be used in support of the Game.

Primary Objectives of B08FDP: 

Primary Objectives of B08FDP Demonstrate the capability of the nowcasting, meso-scale ensemble forecasting and air quality prediction systems To conduct the qualitative and limited quantitative evaluation of the societal and economic impacts and benefits B08FDP weather service products

Nowcasting ( 0-6h ): 

Nowcasting ( 0-6h ) Three to five groups (including China) will participate in the Beijing FDP in the area of nowcasting. The nowcasting systems from each group will be run on the platforms maintained by the CMA/Support Group (hereinafter referred to as CMA/SG), providing nowcasting service for 2008 Olympic Games Beijing.

Meso-scale Ensemble Forecasting (36h ): 

Meso-scale Ensemble Forecasting (36h ) Three to five groups (including China) will participate in the Beijing FDP in the area of the mesoscale ensemble forcasting. Each group will run their demonstrate systems in their own institutions, getting enhanced observational data in Beijing area from CMA/SG and transmitting their products to CMA/SG through Internet

Air Quality Prediction(24-36h ) : 

Air Quality Prediction(24-36h ) Two to three groups (including China) will participate in the Beijing FDP in air quality prediction. Each group will run their high resolution weather prediction model and Boundary Layer Model (BLM) over Beijing area at their own institutions, providing nested environment for air quality prediction model of CMA/SG. Updated observational data is available at regular time from CMA/SG through internet, and nested data could be transmitted to CMA/SG through internet. CMA/SG is responsible for nesting the members' models, so as to make air quality prediction


Organization and Management of B08FDP CMA steering committee to coordinate and guide the implementation of B08FDP activities. This committee will consist of 6-8 members, who are the chief coordinator at CMA, experts nominated by WWRP, and relevant members of the CMA Olympic meteorological service leading group. Three technical support groups will be established under the steering committee, so as to provide technique support for nowcasting, ensemble forecasts and air quality prediction, respectively. During the Olympic B08FDP implementation period, CMA will establish a FDP forecasting and technique maintaining group which is responsible for producing and using the FDP products, and maintaining the observational/ communication networks, etc


Technique Support from CMA CMA will provide the participating groups with dedicated running and demonstration environment, and will assist them to solve the problems concerning computers, computer networks, offices, and relevant facilities for the normal operation of the system. CMA will also provide the B08FDP participating groups with logistic support such as accommodation, transportation, communication, etc, during their stay in Beijing. CMA will provide support for data transmission and format conversion, the interfaces to local radar, satellite and mesonet data. CMA will provide the interfaces to local physio-graphic information, and the characteristics of the local climate for the Games period. CMA will also provide support for each group to tune the algorithms, adapting to Beijing's local climate. CMA will promote international and domestic exchange and cooperation in sciences and technology, making use of a series of scientific achievements to support the implementation of B08FDP. Before the formal running of the various B08FDP items, CMA will organize training courses for the forecasters, engineers and technicians who take part in the B08FDP. The training courses mainly include the B08FDP participating groups' key techniques of their systems, the key points to operate and maintain these systems, so that the CMA operational staff can adapt themselves to the need of B08FDP work.


Expected Support from WWRP 3.1 To recommend and select scientists for B08FDP planning steering committee and scientific steering committee, and approve the composition of the committees. 3.2 To recommend and select projects that are suitable to join the B08FDP, and coordinate the implementation of B08FDP. 3.3 To recommend scientists taking part in the B08FDP verification, and provide financial support for the verification group. 3.4 To recommend new observational techniques in support of B08FDP. 4. Suggestion about B08FDP Implementation Schedule November 2002 - Discussion of B08 FDP concepts September 2003 - Submission of preliminary FDP proposal to the 6th meeting of WWRP/ SSC July 2004 WWRP representatives site-visit to Beijing October 2004 - Approval of the proposal by WWRP June 2005 - Meeting to coordinate the implementation of B08FDP July to September 2007-2008 - Testing and Implementation of FDP


The Committee continued to be impressed with the development of the proposed WWRP FDP in association with the 2008 Beijing Olympiad (B08FDP). Significant planning activity has continued to build the required observational, organizational support and scientific thrust necessary to undertake the FDP. The incorporation of a potential social science and impact study was considered a significant development enhancing the overall project and meeting the requirements of a WWRP FDP. The committee noted that following the experience gained during Sydney 2000 FDP (S2K) long lead times were required to establish baseline impact information, implement the WWRP systems, optimize their use, integrate them into a forecasting process, train forecasters, develop appropriate products and incorporate end-users in the FDP. The committee recommended that based on this S2K experience, consideration be given to undertaking a pilot project during 2006 so that this process can mature and be well established by 2008. The meso-scale data assimilation and ensemble prediction system (EPS) component of the B08FDP still necessitates considerable research and development. The committee considered that it would be necessary to develop an appropriate strategy (RDP versus FDP) that leads to these systems operating in an operational configuration as required by an FDP.


At this early stage the committee felt that development of a full proposal would benefit from involvement of a WWRP team in an advisory capacity. This advisory team should include scientific specialists in NWP, Bill Kuo (USA); a specialist in air pollution prediction from WMO GURME; the chair of the WWRP NWG and the advisory group, T. Keenan (Australia); a WWRP social science and impacts expert,Linda Anderson Berry(Australia); the chair of the WWRP/WGNE Verification Working Group,B.Brown(USA), and Mr K. O'Loughlin (Australia) in his CBS capacity and former head of the NSW forecast office during S2K. This team will report to the 7th session of the WWRP SSC. The committee noted that procedures are necessary to formalize the selection of projects partners included within FDPs. It was recommended that China request assistance and advice from the WMO on the coordination of these activities. It was also recommended that WMO undertake a process of soliciting proposals from member nations. In consultation with WMO and CMA the WWRP/SSC will establish formally the international partnerships. The committee noted that weather modification activities are planned during the B08FDP. These activities have the potential to confound the integrity of the FDP activities and should be discouraged. The committee looks forward to receiving scientific and operational plans for B08FDP during its 7th session


MONDAY, July 19, 2004 09:00 Opening Ceremony Dr. Xu Xiaofeng, Vice Director of CMA, address to the meeting. Dr. Tom Keenan, Chair of the WWRP NWG and the advisory group, address to the meeting. 09:30 An Overview of FDP (Tom Keenan) Overview of FDP (what is the purpose of FDP? What are the key elements of FDP? How to make FDP successful?); Key points discussed in the past WWRP science committee meetings with regard to B08FDP; What WWRP representatives would like to get out of this meeting (what facility to see, purpose of this visit…etc) 10:10 Tea break. 10:30 Presentation of the preliminary plan for B08FDP (Wang Yubin, By Chinese side) 11:15 Presentation of the end-user’s request of weather service (Beijing Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, By Chinese side) 12:00 Lunch 14:00 Brief Reports for B08FDP Nowcasting (Yu Xiaoding, By Chinese side) Mesoscale ensemble prediction (Gong Jiandong, By Chinese side) 15:00 tea break 15:20 Air quality forecast (Liu Yu, By Chinese side) Social and economic impactassessment (Ye Qian, By Chinese side) 16:30 Adjourn for the day Proposed Workshop Agenda


TUESDAY, July 20, 2004 09:00 Visit the NMC (visit operational mesoscale model system, high performance computer and mesoscale ensemble prediction system, etc.) 10:30 Visit the BMB (Brief introduce running platform plan for B08FDP, to see the facilities that will be used to support FDP personnel, etc.) 12:00 Lunch Presided by Wang Jianjie, Deputy Director of NMC 14:00 Divide into four working groups on nowcasting, mesoscale ensemble forecasts, numerical air quality prediction, and social science and economic impact assessment, discuss the CMA’s draft FDP plan and propose the modification outline for the draft plan. 15:30 Tea Break 16:00 Ensemble Meeting. Each group presents their summary of discussion and modification outline for the corresponding part of the draft B08FDP plan. 18:00 Adjourn for the day


WEDNESDAY, July 21, 2004 Presided by Tom Keenan 09:00 Ensemble Meeting. Review critical issues; Discuss and determine the timetable of the B08FDP (from 2004 to 2008); Determine the key points of contact (both sides) for preparation of each part of the formal B08FDP plan; Suggestions for a workshop on FDP which to be held at the end of 2004 or early 2005; Summary of action items. 10:30 Tea Break 11:00 Executive Session. Between the WWRP advisory group with the senior directors of CMA with regard to critical matters. 12:00 Closing Ceremony

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