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Presentation Outline Our Mission The Opportunities Available Marketing Challenges Project Vision Benefits for the City of Williams Projected Gross Sales and Revenue The Venues Project Strengths Project Milestones

Our Mission: 

Our Mission “To develop and manage innovative vehicle sales, rentals and service, and other visitor-friendly enterprises in a joint development format with Grand Canyon-Northland Amusements and Entertainment LLC, and industry-leading and resource-unique partners.”


Opportunities Create a new customer profile from the extended stay of the typical Grand Canyon visitor Create a new national/international vehicle rental facility with ties to regional attractions Capture a significant portion of the 8 million annual visitors to northern Arizona who rent/lease recreational vehicles Single source of vehicles for 300-acre multi-use, multi-generational Theme Park with signature anchor attractions Provide a unique family destination rental/lease resource that brings repeat visitors each year Create direct sales tax revenue on- and off-site in northern Arizona

Marketing Challenges: 

Marketing Challenges Lack of residents in host community Lack of major themed family entertainment in the area Brief average stay-over for visitors to northern Arizona Scarcity of viable sites for major development Brief average stay for visitors to the Grand Canyon (poll shows average of 4.5 hours, and more than 75% of respondents believe the Grand Canyon is in Nevada) Lack of regional visitor information and tours to northern Arizona attractions

Project Vision: 

Project Vision The development will: Utilize a coordinated U.S. and international marketing program with Grand Canyon-Northland Amusements & Entertainment, LLC Feature diverse rental of autos, RV’s and ATV’s Extend the average visitor’s stay, appealing to national and international audience with corresponding extended rentals Convert a portion of the annual 8,000,000 northern Arizona visitors to stay-over and extended stay guests who utilize rental vehicles to camp, sight-see and visit area attractions Our partner, Grand Canyon-Northland Amusements & Entertainment LLC, will create and manage a $700 million multiple theme park development at the intersection of I-40, AZ State Hwy 64, and US Route 66; with Grand Canyon-Northland Auto & Recreational Vehicle Center LLC as sole source for facility vehicle sales, rentals, leases and service

Project Vision (Cont’d.): 

Project Vision (Cont’d.) Site Development Primary site will be secured through a unique lease of public land owned by the City of Williams Joint-Venture Opportunities Major joint-venture business and economic development partnership with the City of Williams, providing a potential blueprint for future projects Tourism Enhancements Project will feed visitors to northern Arizona, Williams, and Flagstaff, providing extended stay visiting expenditures


Benefits Upon completion of all phases of construction, Williams and Flagstaff will realize – Employment Gains Operation will require more than 25 technical, trade and professional on-site employees Local Economic Growth The cities of Williams and Flagstaff will receive economic benefits including: taxes and jobs direct sales commercial core infrastructure and development ancillary revenues resulting from project activities Business Leadership A business model will be created for the leadership of future partnerships Tax District Represents the first northern Arizona project utilizing special site-specific tax district and bond financing

Projected Gross Sales: 

Projected Gross Sales

Projected Revenue Gross/Net: 

Projected Revenue Gross/Net *With capital costs retired by special tax, this is a best projection minimum return

The Venues : 

The Venues New auto sales, rentals and service New and used RV sales, rentals and service Motorcycle & ATV rentals and service Direct sales, lease and service contract with Grand Canyon-Northland Amusements & Entertainment, LLC Full service gas station/Convenience store Auto repair facility Manufacturing facility Auto parts store Extended service Museum/Gift Shop/Restaurant

Project Strengths: 

Project Strengths Location - The I-40, Hwy 64, Route 66 intersection near the City of Williams and 30 miles west of Flagstaff is the primary “Gateway to the Grand Canyon” Existing Customer Base – Williams has a regional population of 20,000, and the theme park will generate 8-10 million visitor days per year. The Grand Canyon National Park draws 4.5 to 5 million visitors/year – the site is attractive to the Southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix markets, which are all within a 2.5- to 4.5-hour drive Project Development Team - A professional, experienced team with deep expertise in uniting the efforts of private and governmental entities Product – An exclusive sole source contract with Grand Canyon-Northland Amusements & Entertainment LLC, northern Arizona’s premier adventure park, where no other multiple-themed park exists

Project Milestones: 

Project Milestones Completed: Establish agreement with the City of Williams Pass bond/tax district Create management agreements with other industry-leading partners Obtain construction capital via special site-specific tax district and bond financing In Process: Implement infrastructure for on-site development Secure private investors

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