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A Nautical Adventure For Special Needs Children





Who We Are: 

Who We Are An international network of volunteers, many of them sailors, united with a common goal – sharing our love of sailing with children. Most are entrepreneurs committed to community service and volunteerism. Our staff and board members include a pediatrician, neurosurgeon, nurse, therapist, two attorneys, an accountant, and several financial planners.

Where We Are: 

Where We Are International Headquarters: Bloomington, Indiana. Operational Regions: Bloomington, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Long Beach Island, New Jersey Boston, Massachusetts Houston, Texas Dana Point, California Seattle, Washington Montreal, Quebec, Canada (2 sites) Antibes, France (Au Coeur Des Voiles) Developing Regions: Bellingham, Washington Vancouver, BC, Canada Florida Antigua, British West Indies St. Thomas, USVI Guadeloupe

Populations Served: 

Populations Served

Breakdown of Percentages: 

Breakdown of Percentages *Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Cri du Chat, Fragile X, Williams Syndrome, Charge Syndrome, Tetrasomy 18

Program Description: 

Program Description

Benefits of Sailing: 

Benefits of Sailing

Benefits Continued: 

Benefits Continued

Benefits Continued: 

Benefits Continued

Outline of a Daysail: 

Outline of a Daysail 10:00 am Participants arrive and prepare for departure

Safety First - Life Jacket: 

Safety First - Life Jacket At all times, Youth Participants must wear Coast Guard approved Type 1,2 or 3 Personal Floating Device’s (PFD’s) or a life jacket, weight and age appropriate.

Outline of a Daysail (cont’d): 

Outline of a Daysail (cont’d) Safety Precautions: Boom Hand and Boat Squished Banana Winches and Fingers Man Overboard


Outline of a Daysail (cont’d) Parts of sailboat Airfoil (how a sailboat sails into the wind)

Outline of a Daysail (cont’d): 

Outline of a Daysail (cont’d) 10:15 Prepare the boat to sail (skipper & participants). Show participants around the boat (galley, head, etc.) Demonstrate usage of the head (if available) Review safety procedures. 10:30 SET SAIL!!! After motoring out of harbor/marina/channel, skipper assigns duties and participants have opportunity to rotate through all positions: at the helm, hoisting sails, trimming.

Daysail Conclusion: 

Daysail Conclusion 12:00 Return to Dock Crew Prepares Lunch for Morning & Afternoon Groups. This is opportunity for parents & participants to mingle and discuss experiences. (There are 2 Daysails each scheduled date: morning & afternoon) Distribution of medals and certificates to participants Discussion/Questions Afternoon session begins at 1pm





Social Interaction: 

Social Interaction

Motor Skills: 

Motor Skills







Comments from Parents & Participants: 

Comments from Parents & Participants

How Donations are Spent: 

How Donations are Spent

How to Register: 

How to Register

How to Register (Continued): 

How to Register (Continued)

Registration Cont’d: 

Registration Cont’d

Registration Cont’d: 

Registration Cont’d

What to bring for a Daysail: 

What to bring for a Daysail

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Volunteer Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities: 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank You: 

Thank You


Fair Winds

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