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Click Here--- ---Big Data career path is something that is approached the most in the market because Big Data has shown time and again to be the most promising technology in today’s market scenario. Big Data career opportunities are many, but Big Data career path changes depending on the business needs of many organizations.


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BIG DATA-RELATED JOB ROLES There are several Big Data career path options each one of which requires an extremely challenging skill set. Data Scientist Big Data Engineer Big Data Architect Business Analytics Specialist Data Visualization Developer Data Scientists make value out of data which has been obtained from various sources by getting meaningful insights from it. They need to have proper analytics and technical capabilities to perform such tasks. A Data Scientist can gain an average salary in the range of US90000–1100000 per year. Business Analytics Specialists help in different testing activities as well as in some development initiatives. They usually come up with unique cost-effective solutions for solving business issues. A Business Analytics Specialist is capable of getting somewhere around US78819 a year. Big Data Engineers mainly focus on developing maintaining testing and implementing network Big Data projects. Also they are useful for building designs that have been offered by Solutions Architects. A Big Data Engineer can gain up to US95000-150000 annually. Big Data Architects address any significant data problems along with the elements. They explain the structure and behavior of a Big Data solution using a technology they are specialized in. Big Data Architects are included as the link between an organization and its Data Engineers. A Big Data Architect has an average annual salary of US144315. The role of a Data Visualization Developer and Analyst is to detail design and deliver a production guide for data visualizations to be used across an enterprise. Data Visualization Developers attach to any visual representation of data for explaining the importance of it. On average a Data Visualization Developer earns US123039 per year.

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