Big Data Vs. Data Mining

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Big data analytics and data mining are not the same. Both of them involve the use of large data sets, handling the collection of the data or reporting of the data which is mostly used by businesses. However, both big data analytics and data mining are both used for two different operations.


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Follow us on: It Mainly Focusses on lots of Details of a Data It mainly Focusses on lots of relationships between Data It is a close up view of Data It is the Big Picture of Data It Expresses What About the Data It expresses Why of the Data It can be used for Small Data or Big Data It refers to Large Amount Of Data Sets It is a Technique for Analyzing Data It is a concept than a precise Term Structured Data Relational and Dimensional database Structured Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data in NoSQL Mainly for Strategic Decision Making Dashboards and Predictive Measures Mainly Data Analysis focus on prediction and Discovery of Business Factors on Large Scale Mainly Statistical Analysis focus on Prediction and Discovery of Business factors on Small Scale

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