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Get complete detail on A00-272 exam guide to crack SAS Visual Statistics 7.4. You can collect all information on A00-272 tutorial, practice test, books, study material, exam questions, and syllabus. Firm your knowledge on SAS Visual Statistics 7.4 and get ready to crack A00-272 certification. Explore all information on A00-272 exam with the number of questions, passing percentage, and time duration to complete the test.


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How to Prepare for SAS SAS Visual Modeler A00-272 Certification A00-272 Certification Made Easy with

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SAS A00-272 Exam Summary: Exam Name SAS Certified Visual Modeler Using SAS Visual Statistics 7.4 Exam Code A00-272 No. of Questions 50 Multiple choice questions Passing Score 68 Time Limit 90 minutes Exam Fees USD 180 Online Practice Test SAS Visual Modeler Certification Practice Exam Sample Questions SAS Visual Modeler Certification Sample Question Enjoy success with

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SAS A00-272 Syllabus Content: Syllabus Topics: SAS visual statistics cross-functional tasks 18 Building and assessing segmentation models 32 Building and assessing regression-type models 40 Model comparison and scoring 10 Enjoy success with

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SAS A00-272 Training: Recommended Training: ● SAS Visual Statistics: Interactive Model Building Enjoy success with

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Tips to Prepare for SAS A00-272: ● Understand the all Syllabus Topics. ● Perform online practice exams for SAS Certified Visual Modeler Using SAS Visual Statistics 7.4 on ● Identify your weak areas from practice test and do more practice with system. ● As it is said Practice Makes a Man Perfect So take as many practice test as possible on Enjoy success with

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SAS A00-272 Sample Questions Enjoy success with

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Que.01: Which equation does NOT represent a linear model Note: bi are parameters and Xi are variables. Options: A y b0 + b1X1 + b2X2 B y b0 + b1X1 + b2X2 + b3X1X2 C y b0 + b1X1 + b2/b1X2 D y b0 + b1X1 + b2X1 Enjoy success with

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Answer: C y b0 + b1X1 + b2/b1X2 Enjoy success with

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Que.02: You perform a logistic regression on a multinomial response variable in SAS Visual Statistics that has 3 levels: Small Medium Large. "Large" is specified as the event. Which statement is true Options: A The other levels are grouped into one non-event. B An ordinal logistic regression is performed. C A multinomial logistic regression is performed. D The other levels are offset to account for exposure. Enjoy success with

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Answer: A: The other levels are grouped into one non-event. Enjoy success with

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Que.03: Which model does not produce score code Options: A: Decision Tree using interactive mode B: Regression using interaction effects C: Regression using the group by option D: Decision Tree using the rapid growth option Enjoy success with

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Answer: A: Decision Tree using interactive mode Enjoy success with

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