Child Support Lawyer – Failure to Pay for Child Support during Quarant

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Things to Know About Failure to Pay for Child Support during the Quarantine :

Things to Know About Failure to Pay for Child Support during the Quarantine


Unemployment has increased drastically due to the pandemic, and you may find yourself struggling to meet child support obligations. If you fail to pay for child support, the court may enforce harsh penalties.


The Possible Consequences A warrant – civil or criminal – may be issued for your arrest. You may be found in contempt of court. You may be fined, put in jail, or both. If you are still working, your wages may be garnished.


If unemployed, your unemployment compensation may be garnished. Your tax refund may be denied. If you own a property, a lien may be placed on it to cover any payment that you owe. Your driver’s license, passport, professional license, or hunting/fishing/boating license may be revoked or suspended.


Seek a divorce attorney consultation to discuss your next best steps. Request the local enforcement agency to set up a temporary payment plan. Go to the court to have support orders revised. Proactive Steps to Take During Quarantine if you are struggling with making the child support payments


No matter how worrisome your employment situation may be, it is essential to seek the advice of a highly experienced child support attorney who can counsel you on your best course of action.


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