The Dirtiest Places in a School

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• Anyone who has ever had to clean a school after hours is well aware that these buildings can get extremely dirty and messy. This is perfectly understandable given that literally hundreds and sometimes thousands of people mill around the premises on a daily basis. Even so there are specific areas that tend to be significantly dirtier than others and if you’re responsible for clean-up duties you may wish to focus your efforts on these spots. Having said that let’s look at the dirtiest spots commonly found in schools.

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• Many people dont realize that these fixtures are basically covered with germs. To make matters worse fountains are often ignored during clean- up times possibly due to the assumption that the constant flow of water will wash away microbes and dust. • Dont make this mistake—give the drinking fountains a good cleaning.

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• Kids spend most of their school hours sitting behind a desk. It’s hardly surprising then that these areas collect germs—a lot of them. This can pose a health hazard because a single desk is typically used by several students over the course of the day.

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• Believe it or not these handy little gizmos can accumulate germs at an alarming rate. This makes sense when you consider how often they’re used and by how many hands. • Empty out the pencil sharpener and give it a thorough cleaning.

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• Gym mats tend to harbor germs as do shower and locker room floors. Athletes foot tinea pedis can easily spread via contact with these surfaces. • Also any type of equipment handled by kids e.g. tennis rackets basketballs will get filthy in no time.

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• Computer keyboards are generally loaded with germs. The same can be said for the mouse the touchscreen and any other objects routinely handled by computer users. • This can be a big problem because many people have a habit of eating while using those germ-infested computer stations. • A comprehensive cleaning of these areas can keep computer users healthy.

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• Cafeteria tables can host hundreds of diners every day so it’s important to ensure that these areas are cleaned regularly. • In addition some school lunchrooms don’t make it a policy to clean cafeteria trays on a routine basis—although they definitely should. • Finally the fork and knife dispensers often get dirty as well.

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• Elementary school kids usually spend their recess time horsing around the swing sets monkey bars slides and other equipment. As a result it’s all too easy for children to get sick from germs that linger on these surfaces. Help keep kids healthy by washing this equipment often.

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Summary • School can harbor hazardous levels of germs particularly around the cafeteria the gym the computer lab and other areas where kids congregate. To protect the health of growing kids and teens it’s best to clean these areas thoroughly on a routine basis.

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