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Presentation Description | The janitor is more than just a janitor or will be in the future. Here are some facts and attributes you didn't know about janitors.


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Noodles, the well-known guitarist for the band The Offspring, got his start because he was the school janitor where the band members attended. Older than the other members, Noodles could buy alcohol for them. His position as a janitor got him invited into the band and on his way to a rock and roll career.


An unnamed war refugee traveled from Montenegro to New York where he acquired work as a janitor at Columbia University. Columbia offered a tuition remission to employees for taking courses. The janitor used the program to study classics and earned a bachelor’s degree over a 12-year period.


Mangetsu Man is a “self-declared super hero” who walks the streets of Tokyo. He wears a purple bodysuit and a round yellow head with a smiley face on it to remain anonymous. Mangetsu Man has made it his mission to serve as the city janitor and keep the city trash-free.


Jennifer Aniston started out making her allowance as a kid as a toilet scrubber. Horror writer Stephen King used to be a janitor, serving as inspiration for his novel Carrie . Comedian Jim Carrey did double duty as a security guard and janitor starting at age 15 where he mopped floors at a tire factory.


Stephen King wasn’t the only author to be inspired by his work as a janitor. Henry Darger worked as a janitor for his entire life in Chicago. After his death, a 15,000 page fantasy novel by Darger that included original artwork was discovered.


In Japan, most schools do not have a janitor. The school children are responsible for most of the daily janitorial chores. In keeping with Buddhist tradition, cleaning represents a belief that it is associated with morality.


Many of the oddest stories about janitors are those that work in educational facilities. Janitors must be educated in the use of high-tech equipment such as walk behind scrubbers to do their jobs effectively and safely. More than 5,000 of the janitors in the United States have a PhD.


Not only does working as a janitor give talented authors like King and Darger time to think, it also provides quiet time for spiritual meditation. Many janitors work at night when they have unlimited quiet time. Just as many janitors end up being creative, they are often included in works of literature or on TV shows.


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Summary Janitors often lead entertaining, inspirational lives as a result of their careers. Some of the brightest, happiest, and successful people began as janitors.

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