Refining Your Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is a very personal choice, one that you should make with a board-certified plastic surgeon whom you trust. If you’re thinking about augmentation surgery, you have number of breast enhancement options to choose from.


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Refining Your Breast Augmentation:

Refining Your Breast Augmentation Breast Enhancement Options

Implant Type:

Implant Type Saline and Silicone Available Saline advantages- filled after insertion, smaller incision Silicone- Fixed size requires a larger incision, but many believe look more natural.

Implant Size:

Implant Size Things to Consider: Amount of Existing Breast Tissue Size of Ribcage Ideally- The implants should give you the look you desire while being in proportion of your frame and body shape

Implant Shape, Width, Profile:

Implant Shape, Width, Profile Round or contoured shapes depend on manufacturer. Round implants create fullness in upper breast Contoured implants look more like a natural sloping breast Profile- degree that implant will project from body Base Width- determined by diameter of your natural breast and frame

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While there are also surgical approaches to consider, such as implant placement and incision site, the decisions to be made about the implants are very important. If you’re contemplating surgery to increase your breast size , please come in for a consultation so we can talk about all your options. Through a partnership with your plastic surgeon, you can develop realistic breast enhancement goals that improve your appearance and increase your self-confidence.

David B. Brothers, MD:

David B. Brothers, MD Dr. Brothers is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is the founder of the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, PC and has served as the chief of plastic surgery at Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta, Northside Hospital and Perimeter Surgery Center of Atlanta . Call 404-257-9888 to schedule a breast enhancement consultation.

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