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What is E-Commerce ? : 

What is E-Commerce ? Electronic commerce (EC) is an emerging concept that describes the buying and selling of products, services and information via computer networks, including the Internet.

E-commerce: what is it? : 

E-commerce: what is it? defining e-commerce production, advertising, sale and distribution of products via telecom networks (WTO) instruments for conducting e-commerce telecommunications phone, fax/ telex, television/radio, EDI, Internet payment system electronic cash, plastic cards

E-com: the transactions : 

E-com: the transactions the types Business to business (B2B) - wholesale Business to consumer (B2C) - retail Business to government (B2G) the payment & delivery Pay online & receive online - digital goods Pay online & receive offline - non -digital pay offline & receive online or offline

Into the web: is it e-commerce or commerce-e? : 

Into the web: is it e-commerce or commerce-e? Marketing Sales Payment fulfilment Customer service Activities

The e-com advantage: business benefits : 

The e-com advantage: business benefits global reach - equality for all on the web lower barriers to entry - cost of the site new sales channels - www. reallynce.co.ke new products - previously unmarketable low cost items easy to update information reduced business transactions costs

e-com specific : environment : 

e-com specific : environment legal framework - in adequate for transacting e-commerce - certification, digital signatures financial - credit cards - low level in circulation. Market access for certain products logistics for local distribution of goods confidence building - security of transactions

E-com challenges: the missing cogs : 

E-com challenges: the missing cogs Connectivity Infrastructure telecommunications Internet courier services Payment infrastructure credit cards authentication banking system E-commerce framework legal - jurisdiction of transactions institutional - certifications awareness and confidence E-trader ? ?

E-com:more than a .co.ke address : 

E-com:more than a .co.ke address @.co.ke E-com encompasses the entire purchasing process…from generating awareness…to creating interest in products and company…to getting consumers or businesses to adopt or purchase the product… to providing customer service. At its ultimate, e-com is connecting all vendors in a supply chain to deliver a product or service to a customer.

E-com opportunities : int'l trade : 

E-com opportunities : int'l trade competitive advantage: export mkt. have infrastructure and awareness of e-com export trade agriculture - fresh produce, flowers, gifts & artefacts service industry - tourism industry import trade finished products - used cars, e.g. www.ovis.co.ke intermediate industrial inputs … suffer from payment infrastructure

E-com: exploiting domestic mkt. : 

E-com: exploiting domestic mkt. competitive disadvantage: limited internet access locally, low awareness B2B - low and little activity noted B2G - very low e.g. KRA provides tax information B2C - growing slowly city based services - flower sales to offices, groceries, food products provision of accommodation services sale of property - www.reallynce.co.ke … suffer from lack of distribution infrastructure

Issues & outlook: growing e-com : 

Issues & outlook: growing e-com more efforts should be focused on int'l trade to provide fast track results domestic to lag behind int'l e-trade create and develop awareness confidence an overarching incentive framework to expand telecommunications increase ownership of computers, lower cost internet access optimistic for increased use of e-com

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Table: E-commerce’s most promising potential benefits

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