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Promotion Personal Selling Mass Selling Advertising Publicity Sales Promotion Promotion communication of information influence the buyer

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3 methods Personal Selling Mass Selling Sales Promotion

Personal Selling :

Personal Selling D irect communication between seller and buyer face2face contact Usually used to sell industrial goods and services Also used to sell some expensive consumer items, eg . Cars, computer systems

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Mass Selling communicating with large numbers of potential customers “non”-personal selling used when the target market is large and dispersed Advertising is a form of Mass Selling

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Advertising the main form of mass selling any paid form of nonpersonal communication eg . Techniques include billboard ads and TV commercials


PUBLICITY The generation of awareness about a product beyond regular advertising methods. Usually less costly than advertising because sometimes the message is spread for free by a newspaper article or TV story.

Promotion People:

Promotion People Sales Managers Advertising Managers Sales Promotion Managers

Sales Managers :

Sales Managers Are concerned with managing personal selling In small companies this person also does the advertising and sales promotion

Advertising Managers :

Advertising Managers They manage the mass selling activities They chose the company to make the commercials Pick the billboard signs etc. If the company is big enough they hire an outside agency They may also do publicity as well

Sales Promotion Managers:

Sales Promotion Managers They manage the Sales Promotion activities They decide about in-store coupons, prizes, contests etc. They spend a lot of time visiting the retail outlets where the product is sold

The 3 Promotional Objectives :

The 3 Promotional Objectives Information advertising Persuasive advertising Reminder-oriented advertising

4 Promotional Jobs:

4 Promotional Jobs A.I.D.A Attention Interest Desire action

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