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A video that highlights the main reasons that gender discrimination to women is wrong.


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Women’s Rights In EducationAgainst Sexism : 

Women’s Rights In EducationAgainst Sexism Note: If you are Christian, you shouldn’t care about this. God wants you to be sexist. Look it up - 1 Timothy, chapter 2

An estimated 855 million people worldwide cannot read or write; 705 million of them are women. : 

An estimated 855 million people worldwide cannot read or write; 705 million of them are women. This needs to be stopped.

The Taliban : 

The Taliban The Taliban is an invasive government that currently rules over Afghanistan. It has laws discriminating women including prohibiting women to gain an education. Most women in Afghanistan used to live a normal life much like a women in North America. But then the Taliban took over and made rules that were unjust to human rights. Governments like these need to be stopped because what they are doing is wrong.

Traditional Beliefs : 

Traditional Beliefs Along with government laws, tradition plays a big role in this problem. In third world countries, it is the custom for boys to go to school and girls to stay at home. People believe that a women’s education would be a waste because their important jobs are to cook, clean, look after the children and be a desirable wife. A young girl’s learning environment is at home where she can inherit skills from her mother. The most important skills for a girl to learn are ones so that she can reproduce and be good mother. Another top goal for girls is to be a desirable wife. These factors have always been more important than learning to read or write.

Child Labour : 

Child Labour Girls are often needed to be breadwinners for their families as well. Girls being employed in child labour, bearing the main burden of housework and taking on the role of caring for younger siblings have no time for school. This leaves them with no education and no chance at ever being important, all because of the unfair work they have to do.

Early Marriage : 

Early Marriage Another traditional factor is the habit for girls to marry and have children early. Since, as stated before, a woman’s main purpose is to reproduce and bring children (preferably boys) to their husbands. Young women are married off at the general ages of 11 and 12. This gives them even less opportunity for them to have an education when they most need it to prevent diseases like HIV and AIDS.

Consequences : 

Consequences The first problem is that too many babies are dying in poor countries. A woman’s level of education affects maternal health and birth outcome. A report in Indonesia states that pregnant mothers are often too late in identifying danger signals during pregnancy and in making decisions, because women often have to wait for their husbands or parents to make decisions. An education gives a woman the knowledge of how to properly prepare for a pregnancy, warning signs during a pregnancy, and how to care for a sick baby. All of these things instead are either known only by the husband, or not at all, resulting in infant mortality. The three countries with the highest infant mortality rates in the world are Angola (Africa), Afghanistan (Asia), and Niger (Africa). This proves that countries with lower women education rates have higher infant mortality rates.

Another Consequence : 

Another Consequence Another example of a consequence from low female education rates in developing countries is world population problems. Uneducated women do not have the understanding that educated women do about birth control and how to prevent pregnancy. In Paraguay, illiterate women over forty years of age are found to have an average of twice as many children as those who had a secondary level of education. There are so many other worldwide issues which could be partially solved with educated women.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Women hating governments, gender discriminating traditional ways, and all other forms of gender inequality against women need to be stopped to create a better, more controlled world. But, if this keeps going, problems like infant mortality, population increase and the strong presence of social injustice will continue.

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