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Read this write up now to find the essential steps that help you to take up your career in cosmetology and grow as a stylist. Visit https://eastbay.paulmitchell.edu/ for more information.


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Want to Become a Professional Cosmetologist? Follow these Steps… :

Want to Become a Professional Cosmetologist? Follow these Steps… eastbay.paulmitchell.edu


Did You Know? The cosmetologist profession will be growing at a rate of 20% through 2020 in the US. eastbay.paulmitchell.edu


Pursuing your career in the beauty industry is dynamic and requires numerous social skills to provide a high quality service in a serene environment. Follow these steps to build a strong career in cosmetology. eastbay.paulmitchell.edu


Join a Cosmetology Course Enrolling in a state licensed beauty school exposes you to the advanced tools and techniques to be adapted for various skin and beauty treatment. Some beauty schools in East Bay offers part-time or night courses with a more flexible schedule to meet the needs of the students. eastbay.paulmitchell.edu


Specialization After joining a cosmetology school, you would come across a wide variety of specialties and job titles which you can take on as additional training. This includes, Hairstylist Wedding stylist Nail technician Manager stylist Spa manager Beautician and more. eastbay.paulmitchell.edu


Appear for Licensing Exam All cosmetology graduates should take up licensing exams and should cleat it by meeting the individual state's guidelines for licensure. This exam comprises of written and practical tests on skin care, applying makeup and hair care. eastbay.paulmitchell.edu


Want to develop the skills that make you a great cosmetologist? Visit eastbay.paulmitchell.edu for more. Call: 925-691-7687 E-mail: admissions@eastbay.paulmitchell.edu eastbay.paulmitchell.edu

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