Essentials of Project Management for Consulting Engineers

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A summary of project management for consulting engineers


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Essentials of Project Management for Engineers :

Essentials of Project Management for Engineers How to deliver customer satisfaction and make a profit Copyright © All rights reserved.


Clearly describe the importance of project managers’ role to the profitability and satisfaction of client needs Explain why and how to manage consulting project throughout the life cycle. Selling, Starting, Delivering and Closing. Specifically this will include effective implementation of the following project control processes Scope management and planning. Project management planning and scheduling. Risk management. Cost management including planning and forecasting using earned value. Control of changes. Issue management and communications. Manage a contract Demonstrate strategies for managing the client relationship and expectations within the constraints of a contract. Objectives

A Project Management Framework:

A Project Management Framework

Sell the Work:

Sell the Work Customer Needs Review T&C Liabilities Risk and Scope Profit    

Capture all the costs:

5 Capture all the costs

What is a Contract? :

What is a Contract? In law, a contract is a binding legal agreement that is enforceable in a court of law A contract can be verbal or written. Essential elements Offer Acceptance Consideration Must have intention to create a legal relationship Offer must be reasonable and legal An offer can be withdrawn before accepted but not after. An offer is automatically cancelled by a counter-offer An acceptance of an offer must be clearly communicated to the person making the offer Implied Terms as common in this type of trade Rights to sell Conformity with description Reasonable care Other implied terms 6 Best way of ensuring compliance is a fully signed agreement

Overseas Working:

7 Overseas Working (Transparency International )

Plan the Work:

Plan the Work Don’t start without contract cover Define the scope (deliverables) Agree the timeline Agree and manage the risk    

Don’t start without contract cover!:

Don’t start without contract cover!

Review the objectives post contract:

Review the objectives post contract

Agree a Plan of Work:

Agree a Plan of Work Scope Planning Activity Definition Duration Estimating £ + £ + £ = ££ Cost Estimating Cost Budgeting Schedule Development Risk Analysis Project Plan Work Breakdown Structure Resource Planning Activity Sequencing

Risk Assessment: P- I Grid :

12 Risk Assessment: P- I Grid IMPACT Set thresholds HIGH RISK urgent attention Low Risk monitor MEDIUM RISK regular review PROBABILITY VHI HI MED LO VLO VLO LO MED HI VHI

Do the Work:

Do the Work Follow the plan Highlight change from the outset Control Quality and Acceptance Watch the Cash    

Control the Project:

Control the Project

Control Changes from the Start:

Control Changes from the Start

Control Quality and Rework:

Capture acceptance criteria early Check quality of products against criteria Ensure client reviews are addressed Limit the number of client reviews in scope Control Quality and Rework

Control Cash:

Control Cash 17

Learn for the Future:

Learn for the Future Capture the “true” cost Close out the contract Get a client reference Look out for future opportunities    

Parallel Project Training:

Parallel Project Training on-line APM e-learning Public & in-house training Slides at

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