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Punjab Institute of Management and Technology (PIMT)-One of the top MBA Colleges-Punjab. Regular Industrial visits, high placement rate, experienced faculty, well-equipped laboratories makes it one of the top MBA Colleges-Punjab. 2 years regular MBA course is offered. Visit our website for MBA Admissions, MBA Course, MBA eligibility, MBA Specializations.


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Top MBA Colleges in Punjab- PIMT If you are looking for top MBA Colleges in Punjab there are many colleges which offer MBA course in Punjab. I would suggest you go for the Punjab Institute of Management Technology PIMT as they have qualified and specialized faculty members to help students bring out the best in them. PIMT is offering one of the best MBA Programs in Punjab. Top MBA colleges offer opportunities in the field of finance healthcare human resources accounting education marketing sales and management. Students with a MBA course have excellent job prospects in Punjab and India. MBA Course – Master of Business Administration Master of Business Administration induces the scientific approach to business management studies. With the urgent need for management services in almost every industry MBA tends to accomplish this market demand successfully. Undoubtedly it has proved to be a path for generating jobs in the field of management. Having been up to date with the success rate of MBA many students and graduates are opting for this branch.

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The main aim of MBA Course training in Punjab is to provide to: • An introduction to the study of Business Management. • A progressively higher level of understanding and critical awareness of the main issues in strategic management. • A global holistic perspective of management and business administration. • A range of intellectual skill and management competencies required for effective management practice. • The opportunity to link the program of general management studies with the study of an advanced level of a specialist pathway which complements and broadens understanding of business and management. Specializations in MBA Course MBA – Human Resource It is a study program that provides knowledge about recruitment training team building performance updates employee policy salary benefits employee health and safety and employee comfort. Human resources are the product of modern management practices that have given great importance to the management of workers who work in any organization. The success of the organization depends on the effective use of its workforce so strategic management of human resources talent management labor relations and rationalization in the division of labor are of paramount importance in organizational preparation.

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MBA – Information Technology This is a specialization course in MBA and is designed to produce managers who can efficiently manage the planning design selection implementation usage and administration of emerging and converging information and communication technology. MBA – International Business This program provides comprehensive coverage covering all areas and disciplines relevant to international business activities. International labor is a term used for all commercial transactions whether private or public that occurs between two states outside their political boundaries. The course covers all aspects of international trade and financial transactions Cross-border transactions of goods services and resources between two or more States. Economic resource transactions contain capital skills personnel etc. for international production of tangible goods and services such as insurance construction finance banking etc. MBA – Hospitality Hospitality Management is a study of hotel management as well as tourism management. Within this framework students study hotel management amusement parks rural clubs restaurants etc. With the expansion of the tourism industry hospitality management is evolving rapidly as a preferred field of study. The certification in Hotel Management and Tourism Management will enable students to find lucrative jobs in luxury hotels cruise ships and tourism and hospitality. MBA – Media Management This course is also known as "Communication Management". It handles account planning and brand management. The course covers information technology market studies business development organization and economics. After completing the course you can choose the Career Media Planner. These professionals are the backbone of any advertising agency. They have to decide which media carries the message to the largest member of the target audience. MBA – Marketing

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Marketing is the core of any business. Marketing involves owning the right product at the right price promoting the product using the right media and selling it in the right place. Marketing has gained importance over the years to meet the growing competition in the market and the need to improve logistics methods to reduce cost time and maximize profits makes customers aware of the product. The course covers all aspects of market activities and marketing including consumer behavior product decisions pricing sales distribution management marketing research advertising and promotions. MBA – Retail Because technological cultural and economic changes have transformed the balance of power into retailers retailers need the skills and characteristics needed to develop a knowledgeable ambitious and motivated workforce. The retail course in MBA includes an understanding of retail management concepts the global retail market retailing in India foreign direct investment and its challenges retail and supply chain management for retail operations. MBA – Finance Finance is one of the most popular discipline in MBA programs. For those looking for a business dealing with money an MBA in Finance can be invaluable because it offers benefits to professionals working in a variety of industries including commercial banking corporate investment and real estate services. It is a functional area requiring skills in mathematics economics and financial theory all of which are covered in great detail in a financial degree or specialization. Career Prospects: There are wide range of career opportunities for the MBA graduates. 1. Management Consultant 2. Investment Banker 3. Venture Capitalist 4. Lecturer or Teacher 5. ERP Consultant 6. General Manager 7. Healthcare Administrator 8. Information Systems Manager 9. Operations Research Analyst

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10. Business Operations Manager 11. Management Analyst 12. Market Research Analyst 13. Accountant 14. Financial Analyst 15. IT Director 16. Marketing Manager 17. HR Manager 18. Senior Executive 19. Product Manager 20. Project Manager 21. Director Information Technology 22. Budget Analyst 23. Finance Manager 24. Operations Manager 25. Securities Analyst 26. Manager of Health Information 27. Health Policies Analyst 28. Logistics Manager 29. Purchasing Manager 30. Revenue Manager 31. Sports Management MBA Duration: It is a full time 2 years program divided into 4 semesters. MBA Eligibility: A Valid Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any discipline from any UGC recognized University.

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