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Computer Mediated Communication (CE6014) Project Presentation:

Computer Mediated Communication (CE6014) Project Presentation Local Authority Internal Communication Improvement Through Technology Paul Collins October 2011

Local Authority responsibilities include::

Local Authority responsibilities include: Housing Planning Roads Water supply and sewerage Development incentives and controls Environmental protection These responsibilities require communication both between different sections of the Authority and with the public to be performed. Time is better spent using the information, rather than looking for information.

Communication Impediments::

Communication Impediments: Dispersed offices and staff, leads to: Overlapping responsibilities in separate offices Difficulties providing feedback from one section to another Lack of awareness of other sections' intentions. The greatest impediment is possibly the absence of a policy to improving Internal Communications systems

Internal Communication methods within Public Service Organisations:

Internal Communication methods within Public Service Organisations Internal Communication Methods Numbers using: Percentage using: Team Briefing 213 93% Regular Email announcements 209 91% Employee intranet 222 97% Newsletters/Magazines 219 95% Employee consultation 214 93% Based on a survey of 230 UK Public Service Organisations in 2006 The Definitive Analysis of Current Internal Communication Practice The Work Foundation. IC: UK 2006/7

Computer Technology Options to improve Internal Communications:

Computer Technology Options to improve Internal Communications Yammer Yammer is an enterprise social network service, like Twitter, but used for private communication within organisations or between organisational members and pre-designated groups. SlideShare SlideShare is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service. Users can upload files privately or publicly. Thes slides can then be viewed on the site itself, on hand held devices or embedded on other sites. Wikis Wikis can be used to store internal information providing a source to be used by staff. Each time the wiki is updated, all staff members have access to the updates. Whatever options are used, they need to work with, and fit into, the existing culture. If the organisation isn't collaborative and doesn't listen to its staff, introducing new communication options will not change that.

Privacy issues.:

Privacy issues. Methods to improve Internal Communication Use internal network Use Cloud Computing Local Authority needs to restrict communication, 1 within certain sections only of the organisation. 2 within entire organisation but not the public. 3 with the public. “Everyone can only see their area, such as the agenda for council meetings, and their passwords give them the right to edit it, but they would not have sight of or access to any other area.” Web Developer for Adur and Worthing Councils http://www.headstar.com/egblive/?p=974

Example of Local Authority Communicating by Computer Technology:

Example of Local Authority Communicating by Computer Technology Four Dublin Local Authorities have shared their data between themselves and the Public. Dublinked. http://www.dublinked.ie/ Sharing data such as: Planning Application data Rainfall and energy monitoring Datasets are released to and curated by Maynooth University. Public access to Dublinked does not provide access to Local Authority internal networks.

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