How to Organise Your Boss


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How to organise your boss by understanding your role as a PA and streamling meetings, etc.


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How to Organise Your Boss : 

How to Organise Your Boss By Marguerita King Owner

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Know your boss's strategic goals Helping the boss’s achieve his strategic goals is the primary objective of an Executive Personal Assistant. This will help you to prioritise your work and your boss’s work. This will help you to deal effectively with his or her team and make well founded decisions. This will also help you to commission and delegate work in your boss’s absence. 2

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Organise weekly meetings with your boss In addition to early morning briefings, set up regular weekly meetings with your boss. In-Tray Time Block out half a day per week in the boss’s diary to allow him or her to deal with big projects undisturbed. Use Task Requests Use electronic task requests to remind your boss to perform particular tasks - enable the reminder function. 3

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Streamline Meetings Reduce 1 hour meetings to 50 minutes and 45 minute meetings to 30 minutes – it’s not long but it’s better than nothing. This should free up half a day per week. Book breakfast meetings – early meetings make more time available during the day. Find out if you can change your boss’s weekly 1-2-1 meetings to bi-monthly meetings. Use teleconferencing and NetMeeting when possible. 4

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