What are the Latest Trends for Bathrooms?


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Are you planning to remodel your bathroom anytime soon? Then get inspired by these latest trends that are expected to last for a long time and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, while you enjoy your space. For more information, visit https://www.oxfordbathrooms.com.au/


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What Are The Latest Trends For Bathrooms Are you planning to remodel your bathroom anytime soon Then get inspired by these latest trends that are expected to last for a long time and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home while you enjoy your space.  Expand your Bathroom – In most homes the master bathrooms is treated more than just a space. It is an area that can keep you more feel comfortable and pampered which is not feasible in a cramped bathroom. So if there is any unused space near the bathroom expand the bathroom’s square footage to get some space to make it cosier.  Wall-mounted Toilets – Due to the changing technology the bathroom renovations Sydney designs are getting better and out of these the floating toilet has gained popularity in the recent days. Due to this floating design there are very less chances that the gaps will accumulate dust. You can keep your bathroom sparkling clean always  Bathroom Colours – The trendy colours to try during your bathroom renovations Sydney are light yellow champagne copper cherry red etc.  Wooden Elements – Including wood elements in the bathroom helps make the room cosy and adds a fresh and stylish look to the bathroom. So combine wood on the wall designs to add an appealing look to your bathroom.  Natural Stone – Most bathroom renovation company Sydney use coloured marbles to make the bathroom look pleasing. This is one of the most affordable trends to try out.  Free-Standing Bath Tubs – These days there are many types of free-standing tub styles available in the market. You can find from the old-style claw-foot tub to elegant

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marble pieces. These tubs can be even installed in the middle of the bathroom or at the corner depending on the available space.  Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Glass Enclosure – This design actually looks beautiful and elegant. You can try this design for single glass panel walls too. This exquisite design will make your room appear tall and spacious.  Bathroom Lightings – This is an important segment to keep an eye on during any best bathroom renovations in Sydney. Lighting not only improves the aesthetics of your bathroom but also it is a necessity. Linear lighting is the most sought after trend these days. If you are planning remodel your whole bathroom install light strips in between the walls or choose a mirror with integrated lighting.  Floating Vanities - These vanities are simply beautiful and airy they add a pleasant feeling in the bathroom. Moreover they are much easier to clean beneath and there are no chances of mould or dust getting accumulated. The possibilities to decorate your bathroom are endless. So have fun with these bathroom trends use your creativity to achieve the look you wish for your bathroom.

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