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Created by Outoppie Customizing your 2010 Quick-Access Toolbar PowerPoint How to use this eBook: For best reading use width view ! To view the whole page use the ‘Fit in Window View’ or ‘Page View’ button (Adope 9) You may navigate the pages with Adope’s different options available to you. Use the Page Links or Zoom to jump to a specific page, or item, where available! 2010 eBook Series in PDF format

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The QA bar is by Default situated On top left next to the PP icon Customizing your 2010 Quick-Access Toolbar Click File / Options / Quick Access Toolbar To customize From the left column select your Choice and click add to add to the toolbar. Move the command up or down using The arrows

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Add command quickly to Quick-Access Toolbar Click on any picture Select Picture Tools / Color Icon Click on drop-down arrow Highlight Set Transparent Color Icon command Right-click and select Add to … command

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Use dropdown menu to customize Quick-Access Toolbar Customize the Quick Access Toolbar From this drop-down menu

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