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Outdoor Living Learning Center For more tips visit www.firepitsplus.com

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5 Tips to Get the Most out of your Fire Pit For more tips visit www.firepitsplus.com Grilltech Space 800 Fire Pit SKU:FS0006

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1. For more tips visit www.firepitsplus.com Before you begin, be sure to check with your city and neighborhood homeowner’s association - some have codes and restrictions that prohibit open flames. Compliance Fire Pots SKU:RF0013

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For more tips visit www.firepitsplus.com 2. Make sure your pit is a safe distance away from flammable objects. A water source should be in close reach in case of an emergency. Location Evening Sky Fire Pit SKU:P00001

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For more tips visit www.firepitsplus.com 3. Most fire pits use seasoned hardwood. Avoid soft woods – they’re prone to sparks. Gasoline and other flammable liquids shouldn’t be used as accelerants Fuel 36" Copper Fire Pit SKU:UA0006

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For more tips visit www.firepitsplus.com 4. A centralized location like the patio is great for gatherings. Note the wind direction so you can position your fire pit where smoke won’t bother you and your guests. Positioning 26" Hide Away Copper Fire Bowl SKU:AD0006

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For more tips visit www.firepitsplus.com 5. Before using your fire pit, water the surrounding area. This will prevent any sparks from causing unwanted fires. Make sure not to load the wood too high to avoid an out of control flame. Last Minute Preparation Full Moon Party Fire Dome SKU:GD0021

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If you have any additional questions regarding which Fire Pit best suits your needs, visit www.firepitsplus.com or call us at 1.800.480.9042. Why Follow us? • Get info on exclusive deals and updates before everybody else • Learn special tips and make your home the paradise you’ve dreamed of • Because we love the outdoors as much as you do! Like our Facebook Page Follow us @_OutdoorLiving_ Subscribe to OutdoorLivingVideos Channel Follow Us!

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