How to get you mobility back in 8 steps with foot orthotics?

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Presentation Description How to get you mobility back in 8 steps? At Orthotics Solutions, a subsidiary to MD Foot Clinics, is a renowned and well-established company with more than 30 locations in Quebec and Ontario. Our specialist treat every order like it’s their only order. Our highly-skilled technicians handcraft the orthotics to your prescription. The care, the precision we put into every pair of orthotics is with our patient in mind. Visit our clinic to end your pain with custom orthotics : - plantar fasciitis - heel spur pain - achilles tendonitis - bunions - shin splints - Morton's neuroma - metatarsalgia - flat feet - ankle pain - knee pain - etc. No matter how unique or intricate your orthotic presciption is, we’ll build it. No orthotic is too challenging. Impossible is not in our vocabulary. Contact us for a FREE biomechanics consultation for foot pain and gait analysis.


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