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In the hospitality business, some “visitors” aren't welcome! Pests can be a nightmare for your hotel and damage your brand or business reputation.


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Protect your reputation: Get rid of unwanted pests from your hotel property In the hospitality business some “visitors” arent welcome Pests can be a nightmare for your hotel and damage your brand or business reputation. According to a survey more than 70 percent of hotel guests share their experience of pest sightings with five or more acquaintances. Unwanted pests such as mosquitoes termites and bed bugs can easily chase away your guests. Here are four common types of pests that show up in hotel establishments and how you can get rid of them: Bed Bugs: Hotel rooms are one of the favorite hangouts of bed bugs. The problem with bed bugs is that they spread easily and are hard to detect in the early stages. Therefore it is critical for hotel staff to regularly inspect hotel rooms for any signs of bed bug infestation. If you can see reddish stains on mattresses bed bug skin cases or dark spots then your hotel needs immediate treatment for bed bug control. Termites: Hotels are the prime targets for termite infestation as most of their furnishings are made of wooden materials. These pests can cause extensive damage to hotel’s furniture concealed structures and beds. They not only cause damage to furnishings but can also spread diseases. The best way to keep your premise secure is to get termites control treatment at regular interval. Mosquitoes: Today hotels have beautiful outdoor area and fountain to enhance the appearance of the property. Outdoor garden area and fountains sometime act as breeding ground for mosquitoes. So even if your hotel rooms are super clean all the time chances are some guests will be annoyed by mosquitoes at night. It is better you get your hotel inspected for mosquito breeding activity on a regular basis. A 360-degree approach to control mosquitoes is necessary to keep your premise free of mosquitoes and guests happy. So call for a reliable pest exterminator to eradicate mosquitoes in your hotel property. Cockroaches: Cockroach infestation can ruin your hotel’s reputation as well. Guests consider cockroach sightings as signs of uncleanliness and unhygienic condition. Cockroaches make hotels their shelter because they get shelter food and water. So getting rid of this pest is essential to maintain the sterling reputation of your brand. Call pest management professionals to conduct a thorough roach infestation examination and to get the most appropriate solution that suit you and your business needs. It takes years to build reputation but five minutes to ruin it. Negative guest reviews and negative word of mouth can do serious damage to your brand. Whether you provide 5-star service or luxurious accommodation if your guests find any one of these pests in their hotel room then you are sure to lose business. So what can be done A pest management expert can help you in eliminating pests at their source and avoiding any chance of customer complaints due to pest problems.

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