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Collaborate and accomplish your goals with Agile Project Management Software

Why Orangescrum?:

Why Orangescrum? Orangescrum provides an effective platform to project managers and team members to perform their tasks smoothly. It helps in easy collaboration of file and rapid delivery of business. Managers can see all their tasks, project update and other at a single place. Its agile process helps in maximizing the productivity of any workplace.

Major Features:

Major Features You don’t have to shuffle between spreadsheets, email, and other tools to keep and get your projects updates. Track and manage everything—from day one to the deadline—with Orangescrum. It helps you to plan, organize, and manage your team's work and gives a complete view of work status to handle the right tasks at the right time Agile Project Management

Task Management :

Task Management Create and assign tasks. Delegate them into subtasks. Arrange them as per their priority and manage task dependencies effectively. Track task progress and the time spent on the tasks from a single platform

Time Management:

Time Management Orangescrum offers daily and weekly timesheets that allows you to prioritize your tasks with detail information about your daily and weekly activities. Its automated timer helps to mark billable hours easily. It generates accurate invoices for your customers and creates a smart to-do list to keep you on track

Gantt chart:

Gantt chart Gantt charts are commonly used for visual representation of tasks and their associated times. It helps teams to understand the overall influence and reasons of project delays giving the advantage to correct them with improved project schedule management. Now get a visual representation of tasks and their estimated hour(s) with Gantt chart. It helps teams to measure how long a project should take, understand the overall influence. You can easily get the reasons behind the project delays and correct them before time without compromising the quality

Kanban View:

Kanban View Track status of all your tasks on every stage from new to complete and keep everyone on the same page with intuitive Kanban board Get a clear picture on the project status with Orangescrum Kanban view. It keeps every team member on the same page.   Get a clear picture on the project status with Orangescrum Kanban view on every stage from new to complete. It keeps every team member on the same page.

Resource Availability:

Resource Availability Visibility of your available resource enables you to plan and execute new business deals. Resource availability helps you to find the resources available in a project

Mobile App:

Mobile App Download the Orangescrum mobile app for your iPhone or Android device to plan your day, share ideas, and get team updates on the go. The access key or code will be same for both iOS & Android app. Use this flexible mobile app interface to stay up-to-date on your project status.

What our customers are saying:

What our customers are saying Orangescrum simplifies the process of project management for our organization with its power collaboration tools. We couldn't be happier with Orangescrum! Thank you for your time and attention to our requests and questions. We truly appreciate the quick turn around and response time to our concerns Jamie Smith Director of Marketing Automation

Contact Detail:

Contact Detail Start using Orangescrum in less than a minute and eliminate the chances of absolute project failure. Thank you for your interest in Orangescrum. If you'd like to speak with a member of our team, please take a moment and feel free to ask anything. Contact sales Call here:   (408) 907 4166         +91 97405 40246

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