Why Project Planning is Critical in Project Management


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Successful planning is the most important component of Project Management and it leads to agile delivery, increased productivity and profit of any business.


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From the Resource Library of Orangescrum | 1 Task Management Software Why Project Planning is Critical in Project Management Planning happens to be the most important component in Project Management. Successful planning leads to agile delivery increased productivity and profit in any kind of business. On the other side a defective plan may hamper your standard production or delivery and result in losses. Successful planning not only involves your project managers but it also requires focused team members stakeholders and executives to be involved in it. Even your third party members are an integral part of a successful plan. Mapping an effective project plan consists of multiple aspects that are valuable to be executed properly. Let’s take a quick look at those: Scope Management: – Having a pre-agreed and approved scope is a MUST before we embark on any actual execution. A well- defined scope brings clarity and transparency to the project and all involved stakeholders which is integral to project success

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From the Resource Library of Orangescrum | 1 Task Management Software Stakeholder Management: – Customers project managers project team executive management are all key stakeholders of our projects. Stakeholders have a direct say in terms of the project scope purpose risk and approach a project may entail. Having the Stakeholders well-informed and in-sync boosts chances of project success. Having a “RACI Matrix” further adds transparency and execution control. Communication Management: – Operational clarity can always be achieved by transparent and timely communication. You must have a visible “Communication Plan” that clearly defines the mode and frequency of communication document sharing platform and levels of communication. Well-defined Communication Plan comes handy in times of crisis and lets everyone know whom to contact when how where to find that important project file etc. Time Management: – We all are super obsessed with Time but always end up mismanaging it to the hilt. Mismanagement of time influences the project outputs. Every task and smallest of project activity must have definitive timelines. Timelines help define the flow and build the momentum as the project progresses. It also brings accountability within the team and if well tracked can help obtain results faster Budget Management: – A definite project budget must be defined for all projects. And so must be all possibly foreseeable expenses – resources travel training equipment licenses expected risks etc. It is imperative for project managers to maintain balance between the Triple Constraints of Time Cost and Quality. Any outlier in one can significantly impact the other two. Resource Management: – Resources are the most valuable part of a project. It is they who carry out the tasks are responsible for timely execution and delivery. We must gather the relevant resources as per our project plan and ensure the skill balance required for project delivery is maintained. Resource availability and resource utilization information help us avoid unwanted delays and risks. Risk Management: – All business activities involve risk. What is important is to have a robust Risk identification quantification and control plan in place. There are always certain risks that cannot be ascertained like natural causes or change in government regulations and policies. But having the ability and measures in place for identifying containing foreseeable risks is a must. It helps maintain balance control delays and protect from severe financial losses.

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From the Resource Library of Orangescrum | 1 Task Management Software Bringing it all together Having the above pieces baked in together is a sure shot recipe for project and organizational success. While embarking on any new projects or business for that matter we must make efforts to define and streamline these “7 Dwarfs of Project Management”. How have you been doing your project plans so far Did you account for these 7 Dwarfs If not hop on to Orangescrum and see how

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