Proposal of vulcan repopulation

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Proposal of vulcan repopulation:

Proposal of vulcan repopulation Proposed by: Navi Delegate Group A


Introduction: As fellow intergalactic citizens, we find ourselves obligated to aid our comrades in times of need. This is our proposed solution:

Parties involved: :

Parties involved: Navi Vulcan Kaminoan Nature-embracing Reverence for nature Embraces Technology and artificial development Belief in balance and the natural way of life Belief in the natural way of life Belief in harness ing and controlling nature Unreceptive to invasive technology Receptive to appropriate and necessary technology that goes against nature Continuously pushes for technological advancement Peace-loving Violent only when necessary Utilises a rbitrary violence in their culture Respect for sanctity of life Great respect for sentient life Willing to sacrifice individual lives for the benefit of society

Benefits of Sexual reproduction::

Benefits of Sexual reproduction: Benefits of Sexual Reproduction Analysis Incorporates more elements of selection compared to asexual reproduction When the genes are selected from sexual reproduction, the offspring will be a combination of the best genes of both parents, which serves as an advantage Lineage lasts longer Scientifically proven that animals that go through sexual reproduction have longer lineages compared to animals that go through asexual reproduction Meiotic mechanisms that reduce the chances of offspring inheriting genetic disorders The offspring will have a greatly reduced chance of suffering from genetically transmitted diseases thus there would likely be a lower death rate

Benefits of Asexual reproduction::

Benefits of Asexual reproduction: Benefits of asexual reproduction Analysis Rapid and efficient method of reproduction The complexity of the Vulcans greatly decreases the efficiency of asexual reproduction Reduces genetic variation that is essential to help the Vulcans survive in a new environment Targeted gene alterations may be produced Vulcans prefer to embrace the “natural” way of things Do not believe in “playing God” by altering one’s genes artificially. Prolong life expectancy of the Vulcans indirectly, by producing identical organs that are very useful in the medical field. Inefficient method of prolonging one’s life Morally Incorrect.

Detriments of Reproduction::

Detriments of Reproduction:

Analysis and Evaluation::

Analysis and Evaluation:

Thank You::

Thank You: Done by: Angie Ong (1) Anisah ARZ (2) Jaryl Gan (10) Shallet Maran (18) Zeng Siyu (23 )

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