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Source: 1) https://www.optimalvirtualemployee.com/hire-net-developers-in-india/ 2) https://www.optimalvirtualemployee.com/benefits-of-hiring-a-net-developer-from-india-in-2020/ 3) https://www.optimalvirtualemployee.com/7-essential-skills-to-look-before-hiring-asp-net-developers/ FACTS: 1) Open Source 2) Multiple Programming Languages 3) Not only for windows 4) Dot Net is secured 5) Dot Net Core is light 6) Dot net in 2020 Thanks


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A FEW FACTS ABOUT .NET FRAMEWORK Optimal Virtual Employee https://optimalvirtualemployee.com/

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.Net framework is open-source • .Net framework was not initially an open-source platform it only became an open-source platform much later as an open-source platform .Net is now free to use and share. A developer can make changes to the framework as he sees fit.

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Multiple programming languages • .Net supports the use of multiple languages. It comprises of both front-end and back-end languages. The most prominent languages are C F and Visual Basic.

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.Net is not only for Windows • For many years .Net was only available for the Windows platform. • However with the launch of .Net Core in 2016 .Net has become cross-platform. • .Net core is open- source and runs on all computer platforms.

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.Net is secure • When compared to other frameworks .Net is considered a secure framework. It has its security features known as CAS Code Access Security and validation and verification. Apart from these in-built security features there are encryption tools available for .Net which make it even more secure.

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.Net Core is light • .Net Core is a lightweight and cross-platform version of .Net framework. • .Net developers can now deploy faster high performing scalable web applications using less code. • With every update .Net becomes more compatible and easy to use.

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.Net in 2020 • Microsoft has announced that it will be released .Net 5.0 in November 2020. It will be built on .Net core. Which means it will be open-source and cross-platform. • .Net continues to be one of the most used frameworks around. If you are looking to build a project with .Net you can hire .net developers from Optimal Virtual Employee. They have a large pool of excellent .Net developers with experience in building apps for various industries.

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