How to Prepare Your Online Store for The Holiday Season


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Are you ready for the Holiday Season? We're here to help with a 19-point checklist to prepare your online store and get ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas.


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How to Prepare Your Online Store for The Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season is right around the corner. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday there is a tremendous increase in website visitors and this trend won’t disappear until Christmas. This increase in traffic can cause a lot of stress for ecommerce site owners and digital marketers. To save yourself from the stress you need to prepare your store in time. Here’s a list of 19 points that will help you to prepare your online store and be more profitable this Holiday season. ABOUT

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JAFAR DESIGNS STUDIO BUSNESS PROPOSAL 3 PREPARE YOUR WEBSITE Understanding the success or failure of last year’s campaigns can help you create better campaigns this year. ANALYZE AND LEARN 01 Too many visits at the same time can crash your website. You should check with your website host directly. MAKE SURE YOUR WEBSITE CAN HANDLE THAT TRAFFIC 02 You can tailor your website for the Holiday Season with a few small changes like a countdown timer to the header or changing the banners. FIT THE LOOK OF YOUR STORE TO THE HOLIDAYS 03

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JAFAR DESIGNS STUDIO BUSNESS PROPOSAL 4 PREPARE YOUR WEBSITE Make sure it’s easy to browse your products and make a puchase from your store on phones OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE FOR MOBILE 04 Poorly crafted and unclear navigation will make people turn around and leave your website as fast as they can CREATE BETTER NAVIGATION 05 You should already plan for next year by setting up heatmaps on your site. Heatmaps show you precisely where your visitors click. SETUP HEATMAPS 07 Here are a few examples you can add: Black Friday offers Christmas offers Gifts for men/women. CREATE HOLIDAY-FOCUSED CATEGORY PAGES 06

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JAFAR DESIGNS STUDIO BUSNESS PROPOSAL 5 BOOST YOUR MARKETING COMMUNICATION 10 08 12 11 09 If you have a huge email list filled with previous buyers and leads start communicating with them asap. Remind them that they can buy their Christmas presents now without waiting in long lines. INVEST MORE ENERGY IN EMAIL MARKETING During the Holiday season it’s vital that you increase your social media presence. Publish as many Holiday- focused posts as you want. BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA I’m sure you’ll be running PPC ads on Facebook and Google AdWords. Be sure to plan your ads and ad copy in time. PLAN YOUR ADS AND BUDGET Boosting your content marketing can give you a big advantage against the competition. You can write a blog post sharing Black Friday shopping tips or Christmas decorating ideas. It’s not only useful to your visitors but also helps SEO. FOCUS ON CONTENT MARKETING If you don’t have an email list yet or it’s just too small take advantage of the highly increased traffic and set up onsite retargeting campaigns. ONSITE RETARGETING CAMPAIGNS

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