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URGENT CARE CENTER: WAY TO FUTURE A recent study shows that establishment of Urgent Medical Care Center has grown over 50 in the last decade in USA. To be precise the number of Urgent Care center has grown by 1700 in the last 5 years to more than 8000 Urgent Medical Care centers. One of the reasons responsible for the popularity is the availability of this cheaper alternative over emergency rooms ERs. The rise in the number of Urgent Medical Care in Roseville and other nearby townships is no different. They are convenient available for longer duration as compared to ERs and financially affordable as well. An annual study has shown that a person ends up paying 10 times more amount for the same diagnosis as compared to paying it in Urgent Care. Urgent Medical Care are owned by government hospitals and even privately owned as well. They are primarily located in near the shopping complexes as well as premier go to places in the respective cities. It is surprising to mention that the number of Urgent Care Center in rural areas is more than urban areas. This shows the principle of providing equal opportunity to all the people to get affordable treatment. Urgent Care centers provide treatment of non-life threatening ailments including dental care lab works like X-ray ECG and Ultrasound. It has reduced the over- crowding to some extent from hospitals.

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Recent statistics reveal that hospitals are getting into business of establishing Urgent Care Centers. The reasons are simple: This will help ease of access to medical facilities to all sections of the society and reduce the crowd at ERs and ultimately alleviate burden on them. It will be convenient to all the people when they do not need to wait for hours to get medical consultation. On an average a person visiting an Urgent Medical Care in Roseville has to wait for less than 30 minutes for his turn if he is visiting there without an appointment. For more convenience at Urgent Care in Roseville one can book an appointment on an online platform Open2Care which offers customized options and let people choose the time of visit according to their choice. Open2Care can be used to book an appointment for Urgent Medical and Dental Care in Roseville Sacramento and other nearby places. Open2Care acts as a middleman to patients and Urgent Medical Care centers and helps people getting access to medical facilities at preferable place of visit with qualified doctors. According to Urgent Care Association of America UCAOA the next decade will belong to Urgent Medical Care centers with around 500 more centers to be opened in next 2 years. Urgent Care has provided healthcare access to all the people and it won’t be wrong to say that Urgent Care is the Future Ahead

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