How To Maintain and Clean Your Bicycle

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How To Maintain and Clean Your Bicycle:

How To Maintain and Clean Your Bicycle

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1. Keep it clean Keep your bicycle clean with the use of soapy water and sponge .

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2 . Keep your tyres inflated properly Improperly inflated tyres is one of the reasons of having a flat tyre which can lead you to unwanted trouble, so keep your tyres inflated properly if you want to prevent unexpected problems while riding On Yer Bike .

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3. Check brakes, tighten if required. Check your brakes on daily basis, if you find them loose, tighten it properly by yourself or take it to your nearest best bike shops London to get it fixed properly.

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4. Check Gears grease & oil This is essential to keep a check of greasing and oiling of your bike as it keeps the great box and other part of the bicycle smooth so you could enjoy every ride with No hassle. Get Cycle on Hire

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5. Polish your bike To keep you bicycle looking like a new one, don’t forget to give a proper cleaning at least once in a week and polish it so it looks maintained and gives you a feeling as you are on a new bicycle. Do you Know Cycle2work Scheme?

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