The Prodigious World of Self Publishing

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Self publishing is the new trend in today's era. What is it? How does one self publish his/her book? To answer all these questions lets have an insight in the prodigious world of the Self Publishing.


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The Prodigious World of Self Publishing:

The Prodigious World of Self Publishing

What is Self Publishing?:

What is Self Publishing? In a word, self publishing is an art of publishing independently. The author holds the responsibility and charge of the each step involved in the publishing. Self publishing is not constrained to the paperback but E-books, brochures, pamphlets, websites etc.

Rules of Self Publishing:

Rules of Self Publishing There are no hard and fast rules Everything can be moulded as per the choice and requirement of the author. Either the author can compile, edit, design cover and publish his/her book himself/herself or he/she can hire someone for the same.

Benefits of Self Publishing:

Benefits of Self Publishing Copyright is reserved with the author From cover to editing and formatting, everything depends upon the vision and thought of the author Command your book in your own way

Types of Self Publishing:

Types of Self Publishing Vanity Publishing Print on Demand E-book Publishing

Vanity Publishing:

Vanity Publishing It is in close relation with the traditional publishing In this publishing companies pay the author a certain percent of the sale. The motive of the publishing houses is to sign the deal with only those authors in whose script they see some potential

Print on Demand:

Print on Demand Instead of printing thousands of book at a time, print on demand allows printing as per the demand of the book or in small quantities. This reduces the burden on author as he/she need not to pay for the huge amount for the printing of the book and shouldn’t be worried about the clearance of the stock as well

E-book Publishing:

E-book Publishing Now is the era of E-book. Instead of carrying heavy loads people prefer to carry a tab or kindle etc. with a gamut of books in it. Online E-book publisher is quite popular among the self publishers as it doesn’t need up-front or cost of per book Some of the formats of the E-book is e-pub, PDF, mobi , etc.

Drawbacks of Self Publishing:

Drawbacks of Self Publishing Promotion and marketing of the book Providing a professional look to the book Editing the book and formatting it in right size with proper spacing and paragraphing Maintaining the quality of the book

Who can Self Publish?:

Who can Self Publish? Any one who has the manuscript of a book in his/her hand can go for self publishing There are various self publisher India out there that can facilitate and guide you through the procedures and requirements Those who wants a break from the monopoly of the Publisher

Where to Self Publish?:

Where to Self Publish? There are many online sites available which facilitate self publishing is one of the trustable self publishing company that promises to give your book in hand within the span of 30 days Even the writers of technical books can opt for self publishing with ogpublication

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