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When it comes to online businesses like eBay and Amazon store, Twitter is an effective tool to distribute the listings quickly, effectively and for FREE. It has a great potential of To connect buyers and sellers. Here are Top 5 Twitter applications that can be used for eBay and Amazon businesses


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Top 5 Twitter Applications That Can Be Used For eBay/Amazon Businesses- By OBVA Virtual Assistants

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Objectives of this Presentation Introduction TwitterHawk TweetDeck TwitRobot Twitter | Facebook Twitter Counter Conclusion

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Introduction Twitter has raised itself to the height of unrealistic expectations for businesses and consumers. When it comes to online businesses like eBay and Amazon store, Twitter is an effective tool to distribute the listings quickly, effectively and for FREE. OBVA Virtual assistants hereby share “Top 5 Twitter applications that can be used for eBay and Amazon businesses.”

1.TwitterHawk :

1.TwitterHawk TwitterHawk is an application that allows you to search Twitter for any chosen topic (or keyword). It will either auto-reply to the user or generate a list of matches for the user to respond or reject. This is a real time search tool. You can join the conversation right way with the people who are talking about the products you deal with.

2. TweetDeck:

2. TweetDeck TweetDeck is a tool which manages followers, friends, replies, direct messages, groups, and anything you could possibly imagine. Tweetdeck gives you the ability to create groups to cater to any kind of topic . This application can also be downloaded on your iPhone and used when you are away from your desktop. Best part, its free!

3. TwitRobot:

3. TwitRobot TwitRobot allows you to send product links in bulk to twitter users. This can help you get direct huge traffic to your website/online stores. It basically allows you to post either random messages or custom messages at set intervals. A very useful feature of this application is that you can own your own list of custom tweets .

4. Twitter | Facebook:

4. Twitter | Facebook Twitter | Facebook application was launched in 2009. If you manage a Facebook Page , you will be able to decide whether to share updates with your Twitter followers and you also will be able to control what type of updates to share with help of this Facebook application. Thus this application helps you to update the two services at once.

5.Twitter Counter :

5.Twitter Counter Twitter Counter displays the number of Twitter followers for your business. You add the badge to your site and invite customers to follow you on Twitter. This would help you show how fast your twitter base is growing and what behaviors you were exhibiting at the time to get.


Conclusion As eBay or Amazon business owner you could use twitter effectively to communicate with your followers. Twitter is the most successful micro-blogging platform and these applications will help you to get more out of your business. With help of these applications you can create listings, SEO your site and become top seller.

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