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To attract more customers, you need to follow some tactics of how to keep your customers happy this busy season with great customer service, how to handle post order problems and also how to keep your seller account secure.


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Part II – Holiday Selling Tips That No Seller Will Share With You! Sell All The More Stuff On Amazon This Holiday Season

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Objectives of this Presentation Introduction Keep your customers smiling by great customer service Take care of your customers all through - – post order customer service Keeping your seller account secure Who are we? What we believe? What we do? How we work? What we can do for your store? Working Model Thank you!


Introduction ->> In our previous post Holiday Selling Tips That No Seller Will Share With You , I discussed on how we can attract more customers to the store during holiday season. ->> In this post we will discuss on How to keep your customers happy this busy season with great customer service? How to handle post order problems ? How to keep your seller account secure?

Keep your customers smiling by great customer service:

Keep your customers smiling by great customer service You may have attractive offers for your listing. What if when you store has high negative feedback ratio? You will surely losing your customer. Customer feedback is very important for any business, and all the more important for online stores like Amazon where it is transparent for anyone to see. So you use some creative ways to attract more positive feedback from your customers.

Take care of your customers all through – post order  customer service:

Take care of your customers all through – post order  customer service ->> There is a higher probability of lost rate during holiday season due to large amount of volume the shipping companies get. ->> Here are the three ways you can follow to keep your customers happy and make them your long term buyer. Cancellations Product not received- Item reached damaged –


Cancellations ->> If your buyers orders by mistake and wants to cancel the order, do it as per your customer’s request. ->> This would increase her trust and will also avoid unnecessary feedback.

Product not received:

Product not received ->> During holiday season, the lost rate may be high. Hence it is good to inform your customers with the full shipping details. ->> If your customer didn’t receive her item, you can check tracking details and if you feel it is lost in transit, you can offer her refund/ replacement based on you customer’s preference. ->> Always give importance to your customer’s preference. This would turn her as your repeat customer 

Item reached damaged :

Item reached damaged ->> It is better to write a clear return policies for your store. ->> So when customers come for damaged items you can offer them suitable solution based on the return policy. ->> Our post on How to write a profitable return policy helps you write a better return policy for your business.

Keeping your seller account secure:

Keeping your seller account secure ->> Start updating your software which you use for security on a regular basis. ->> Update your system with security softwares or operating system and also download their security patches inorder avoid phishing, spamming, hacking etc.. ->>Make sure go directly to the website to make any changes to your seller account. ->>You do not want to be stuck with a fraud and loose money when your goal is to make more money on eBay.


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