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Work & Family : 

Is this you? Work & Family You enjoy a decent income but there’s still nothing left at the end of the month. You feel guilty because the pressures of work pull you away from those you love. You tell yourself that once this project is out the way, things will be different. You are torn between putting money aside for your children’s future, your own future and living more today. After all, “you never know what could happen”. You feel good that you’ve taken steps to financially protect the family, but you’re not really sure you’ve done everything you should. Page 1 of 5

Work & Family : 

What could life be like? Work & Family It is possible to take back some control and at the very least to ensure your efforts are not misdirected. Balance is the watchword. With some well thought through goals in place, it can be much easier to see how you can do more of the things you love today without sacrificing tomorrow. There is no miracle answer but it is clear that working to a plan and regularly reviewing progress can make a huge difference to you today and in the future. Page 2 of 5

Work & Family : 

Why are you stuck where you are? Work & Family You’re here because whilst you’re busy living life, it can be difficult to see the big picture. The seemingly endless “what ifs” can be enough to put off any form of review. In addition to that, by the time you finish work, the last thing you really want to do is try to get your head around longer term money planning. Jargon and a perceived complexity in financial products is also encouraging you to bury your head in the sand. Page 3 of 5

Work & Family : 

What should you do? Work & Family Unless you know beyond reasonable doubt that you’ll never need to worry about money, now is the time for action. You need a coherent, step by step action plan. You need to know what your strengths and weaknesses really are and what you need to do to address them. You need someone to support you. A money professional who can take away some of the uncertainty and help you keep focused on what is truly important to you. Page 4 of 5

Work & Family : 

One Life Wealth Planning Ltd Work & Family For over a decade, we have been working with people like you in the St Albans area. We focus on you. Your goals, your concerns and your circumstances. We will help you identify your priorities and your strengths and weakness. We will agree with you a series of manageable actions designed to give you more control and choice. If you wish, we will keep your plans under review meaning money is one less thing to worry about. Page 5 of 5

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