Lifetime Financial Planning


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Financial Planning Introduction to Lifetime

What is Life? : 

What is Life? We each get one turn It should be lived with purpose. 30's

The “Wealth Curve” : 

The “Wealth Curve”

Your Stage of Life : 

Your Stage of Life

Each Life has Key Financial Milestones : 

Each Life has Key Financial Milestones Buying a Home Retirement Education Fees Helping Family Care Costs Career Break Holiday of a Lifetime

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£ Mortgage £ Gas & Electric £ Council Tax £ Car Costs £ Insurance £ Children’s Costs £ Pension Savings £ Debt Repayment £ Social Spending £ Savings £ Holidays £ State Benefits £ Salary £ Savings Interest £ ISA £ Private Pension £ Company Pension £ Insurance Proceeds Managing Cash Flow 20 or 30 years in advance can be Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex £ Dividends £ Endowment £ Tax Credits £ Child Benefit £ Pay Rise £ Bonus

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Without the right tools… Your financial future can be difficult to Predict Predict Predict Predict

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Different Retirement Our Approach is We Focus on YOU and YOUR Goals We review in detail your current situation We predict cash flow for every year for the rest of your life We show you how long your money will last School Fees Protection Different Different Different We help you create a plan of action

One Life Wealth Can Help : 

One Life Wealth Can Help Understanding You Our Expertise Independent Recommendation Keeping You On Track

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One Life Wealth Transparently Priced

Planning is Important : 

Planning is Important “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else” Dr PJ Lawrence Let One Life Wealth help you live life on purpose

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