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B Y D R . M U R A L I S U B R A M A N I A N SURVIVING STAGE 4 BREAST CANCER: IS IT POSSIBLE M e d i c a l O n c o l o g i s t - O n c o l o g y I n d i a W W W . O N C O L O G Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L . C O M

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Breast Cancer Treatment in India Oncology India doctors says that according to the statistics nearly 25 percent of patients survive a minimum of four two five years after being diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer. The chances of long term survival depend on the nature of the subtypes of Breast Cancer. Some forms are aggressive in nature and some may come with fewer options of treatment. And the more the cancer is localised to a particular portion of the body – in this case to the bones the better are the chances of survival. The earlier you opt for treatments options like chemo or may be a surgery if required along with developing a healthy lifestyle can greatly betters the chances of one’s survival.

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L e t u s u n d e r s t a n d S t a g e 4 B r e a s t C a n c e r At Stage 4 of the breast cancer the cancer would have advanced from breast to the other parts of the body and is known as the Metastatic Breast Cancer. Your lungs bones and even brain might have been reached by cancer cells as they have the tendency to travel through the body. Cancer cells might have travelled through your lymphatic system to your lungs bones liver brain or other organs.

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This stage is considered Life- threatening. This stage is considered Life-threatening. Typically Stage4 cancer develops gradually from the time of initial cancer diagnosis. And in few cases the cancer would have developed already into stage 4 by the time its diagnosed. However having a Stage 4 cancer is certainly difficult thing to face. Following a healthy lifestyle prescribed by the doctor along with their cancer treatment plan has the potential to better the patient’s lifespan as the focus is also on healthy lifestyle.

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G e t P r o f e s s i o n a l T r e a t m e n t At Stage4 it’s crucial that you get associated with a well experienced Oncologist in Bangalore India and work towards getting a systematic treatment plan developed for yourself. At this stage the treatment will target tumours from developing and expanding to other areas of the body more. Typically by this stage usually tumour extends to other portions of the body the treatment will aim at treating all affected areas.

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Your Oncologist may recommend one of the below treatment options depending on your medical history and many other related factors. Chemotherapy Hormone therapy Radiation therapy Surgical Treatment As per the standard practice an Oncologist may not prefer to go back to a treatment option now at Stage 4 which hasn’t worked in the earlier stages.

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A n I d e a l D i e t H e l p s Stage4 of this cancer may lead to a series of either a gain or loss in the weighthowever good dietary control can reduce its affects. The reasons for weight gain in women with Breast Cancer may include: Stress in relationships or financial aspects related Chemotherapy or consumption of steroids causing fluid retention in the body Reduced physical activity

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Breast Cancer Treatment in India at Oncology India doctors says that according to the studies it indicates that at Oncology India doctors says that according to the studies it indicates that the Weight gain through breast cancer can be rapid in comparison to a normal weight gain. Consumption of Statins by women with estrogens receptor- negative tumours leads to higher weight gain than those who haven’t consumed it. However as discussed earlier gain in weight is not common in all women – it can be a equal loss in weight as well due to the medicines that usually reduce appetite. These medications also come with symptoms like vomiting nausea and diarrhoea.

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C h a n g e s I n T h e D i e t A Healthy diet plan instead of a strict diet plan is interestingly recommended at Stage 4 of the Breast Cancer. A diet that boosts immunity and also one that comes with lot of nutrients. We have listed a few good food habits that may help: In order to reduce Nausea chooses multiple smaller portioned meals. This also maintains your energy levels throughout the day.

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Since Cancer has a heavy bearing on your cells which is why their regeneration is equally critical – intake of proteins is essential. Fruits contain antioxidants and their daily intake can help in boosting immunity Do not let dehydration affect you especially at this stage – plenty of water intake is vital. Since cancer medication has the tendency to reduce your appetite its ideal to opt for high calorie foods – which covers the reduction in food intake. And as your doctor knows your medical condition well – discuss with them what would be the best diet plan for you.

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O v e r C o m i n g N a u s e a There are some very effective foods that can help you overcome Nausea when its really causing trouble: Ginger : either through food or through a drink Reheated foods: they tend to lose odour that becomes a trigger for nausea. Lemonade is an old friend against nausea - which many know and prefer using Pick easily digestible foods are best Avoiding oily and spicy foods – which usually trigger nausea.

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E x e r c i s e – N o I t ’ s N o t L a t e Exercise is vital for mental and physical health. As fatigue is a common symptom associated with stage 4 breast cancer you can choose that time where you are most energetic for this. Exercising in smaller repeated cycles ensures continuous activity and good for your health too.

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There are few things we must keep in mind while we choose exercise at this point: Exercising may not be recommended when your blood counts are low or and if there is an imbalance in Electrolyte levels as it can cause harm. Plus exercising at home will be preferred to avoid germ exposure over gyms and similar outside venues. Any injury and bleeding at this stage is not good so safety is the main consideration. Choose exercise that create very less risk of falls when you fell you have baancin issues or numbness in the feet.

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At Stage4 of Breast Cancer exercise though may not have any direct benefits in treating it – it certainly comes with its own advantages: Helps you reduce excess body fat Strengthens the body Boots your energy levels Keeps stress levels under check Betters the quality of life Helps manage the side effects of the treatment better Two things are critical here listen to your doctor and listen to your body

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C o n s i d e r G e t t i n g S o m e S o c i a l E m o t i o n a l S u p p o r t You must know for a fact you are not alone. There are many support groups online and offline having other people with breast cancer. And why forget your primary support group which is your family and friends. They play a major role too with regards to social and emotional support. Your oncologist will surely can help to get you connected to the support programs in your surroundings. And you may even consider meeting a counsellor or a social worker for support.

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O u t L o o k There is a lot of research going on across the globe on the various possible treatment options for Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Even you may choose to contribute to this by taking part in clinical trials in order to help the scientists discover some possible potential cures that are less known today.

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L i k e S h a r e C o n n e c t w w w . O n c o l o g y i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m

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