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The Continents: 

The Continents

North America: 

North America Commonly called “The Melting Pot” because of the different ethic groups represented. It is the third largest continent. It is made up of three large countries: United States, Canada and Mexico. The climate of North America varies from extreme cold in parts of Canada in the Arctic Circle to the Rainforest in Central America.

South America: 

South America This is the fourth largest continent. It is divided into 13 countries. Much like North America, there are rainforests, mountains and coastline. Soccer is the most popular sport.


Asia Asia is the largest continent. It contains 48 countries with very different cultures. It makes up nearly 1/3 of the Earth’s land mass. The highest point on Earth is in Asia: Mount Everest in the Himalayan Mountains.


Africa Much of the land is covered in desert and jungle. This is the second largest continent. It is divided into 53 different countries. There is a wide variety of animals: lion, elephant, zebra and gorillas.


Europe This is the sixth largest continent. It is made up of 46 countries. Europe contains many famous landmarks: The Eiffel Tower and Big Bend to name a few. You could travel by train through Europe and hear Spanish, Greek, French, German, and Italian


Antarctica This is the fifth largest continent. There are no other countries on this continent. There are no people living on this continent. (Only scientists that stay for short periods of time) It is located at the South Pole.


Australia Often referred to as “The Land Down Under.” It is the smallest continent. It is the only continent that is it’s own country. Australia is divided into 7 states. Our seasons are opposite: When it’s winter here, it’s summer there.

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