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UNESCO Project: 

UNESCO Project The coverage of “Women in Media and IT in the GCC region” conference. Communication Technology Year 2

The Project Brief:: 

The Project Brief: The final product was a successful UNESCO Conference in DWC, March 8,9,10 together which increased students’ awareness of the importance of the empowerment of women. Divided students into groups and worked individually for the English part. Individually students researched for a presentation about UNESCO and NGO projects in empowering women in the world and chose themes such as “Empowering women through health”.

The Project Brief: 

The Project Brief Developed a comprehensive Arabic Media Campaign about the conference. Designed all the promotional material for the conference. 3 Day conference requirements. Comm Tech students MC’ing the UNESCO conference. Produced an introductory video.

English research-based presentations:: 

English research-based presentations: Research and presentation brief. Two examples of the presentations: + Khadija Al Yousuf (Empowering women in media) + Memo Abdullah (Empowering women in politics)

Arabic Media Campaign:: 

Arabic Media Campaign: Researched + brainstormed about UNESCO+ women in IT. Divided work among groups Wrote and distributed reports Sent e-mails Audio Commercial DWC website ad Cafeteria information desk

Arabic Media Campaign:: 

Arabic Media Campaign: Balloons and badges Survey Film translation. Panel Discussion. Produced a folder about the project. Arabic presentation.

The promotional material for the conference:: 

The promotional material for the conference: Brief of the project Design posters, certificates and name plates Brainstorming The usage of different software: Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. Choose One design among the three.

The EVENT requirements:: 

The EVENT requirements: Divided into 3 groups Registrations. Audio Recording. Video Recording. Note taking. SRG leader of Comm Tech, 2nd year student Amna was Benazir Bhutto usher.

Mastering the Ceremony “MC”: 

Mastering the Ceremony “MC” Comm Tech students Participation: +Eman Al Fardan English +Dalal Al Naqib Arabic +Hind Al Shamsi Backup Example: -Eman’s Experience

The introductory video:: 

The introductory video: Brief of the project. (Media Production part, Journalism part) Brainstorming ideas Information sheet Script and story board Interviews Shooting and editing Choosing one Video from the three

At the end…: 

At the end… Thanks to all Comm Tech Faculty and students who helped in producing UNESCO conference.. We’re happy to answer your queries

“Empowering Women in Media and IT in the GCC Region”: 

“Empowering Women in Media and IT in the GCC Region”

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