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Gadgets Breakout: 

Gadgets Breakout

What We Talked About: 

What We Talked About Kinds of Gadgets Application within Soda Hall Smart Building Interoperation Issues Possible “Pulling” Applications

Kinds of Gadgets: 

Kinds of Gadgets Cameras Motion Sensors Pressure Pads Tags/Active Badges Barcodes Temperature Sensor Illumination Magnetic Field Barometric Pressure Humidity Audio/Microphone

What Can’t We Do Today: 

What Can’t We Do Today Room available? Interesting lecture? Free food: “the faculty have left the lounge!” Interesting grouping of colleagues Fax/email-to-food service “When is it a good time to drop by Canny’s office?” Overlay local information with scene, e.g., schedule for room when standing by room

Applications in Buildings: 

Applications in Buildings Physical Comfort Building occupancy Schedule of Classes correlated with temperature rise in rooms Exploit shared calendars Archive data Combine/fuse sources to extract correlations Treasure trove for mobility/effectiveness studies

Applications in Buildings: 

Applications in Buildings Enables Availability of rooms Interesting bull session detector Elevator scheduling Proactive screen/preference migration Who passed by your office looking for you Location-information: what is scheduled to go on in this office “Radio Soda”: location/activity-dependent display of current information Use of 326 Soda Hall Landay’s data set Easy to extract role from video/whiteboard capture Never been done though

Educational Context: 

Educational Context Directing students to Tas Most popular (most effective) TA based on TA with most students Social networks/tacit information/scuttlebut

Other Technology Components: 

Other Technology Components Everyone’s device a server implies device specifics hidden service invocation protocols service discovery service Semantics discovery What do the operations mean? Logical specification language Tuple spaces Sensors publish tuple streams Adaptation enabled by querying the tuplespace

Agree to Agree: 

Agree to Agree Lowest common denominator RMI invocation RPC ASCII/XML/tuples + filters/queries Active directories? Need to agree on: Standard protocol + standard format Secure protocol Meta-data store

Application “Pull”: 

Application “Pull” “An accident is about to happen” “A good idea is about to happen” “A machine is about to crash” Awareness Analysis Inference

Highway Cameras/Loop Sensors: 

Highway Cameras/Loop Sensors Need Application Pull Extract flow densities Inference/Stats processing R/T publication on Web Feed applications Like route planning Landay PDA trip planner Metrics: reduce energy/increase efficiency MARS Parallel processing framework on NOW

Interoperable Devices: 

Interoperable Devices Work through adapters/mediators C++/TKL Jaguar/Java Matlab/C FSM Spec Lang RTP SQL DB MPEG JDBC XML Self-describing mechanism missing Streaming data types not supported

Possible Connections: 

Possible Connections Tygar--security protocols + Kubi--OceanStore Hellerstein--Telegraph + Kubi--OceanStore Others?

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