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What you say determines if the IT setup is help desk vs service desk. Though you felt these terms were interchangeable, they actually have different purposes according to the ITIL and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) definitions. For a more comprehensive look at these two desks, here are some commonly asked questions we can answer. Know More :


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IT Help Desk vs Service Desk Is There a Difference?


INTRODUCTION How do you currently define the IT assistance structurer in your business? Does your team assist in resolving customers’ issues via a break-fix (incident management) process? Or, does it handle service requests and provide answers for generic IT questions?

Is An IT Help Desk Different From An IT Service Desk?:

Is An IT Help Desk Different From An IT Service Desk? An organization may have their IT infrastructure split into levels. For instance, Level 1 helps the customer with generic issues. If they get stuck, then it goes to a Level 1.5 Subject Matter Expert (SME). The service desk is the primary access point to record incidents and requests. Issues due to internal problems or segmentation of duties would go to the Level 2 help desks.

Responsibility Of The IT Help Desk:

Responsibility Of The IT Help Desk The   IT help desk services  the hardware, software, and networks related to a company’s technology infrastructure. In most cases, they have little or no communication with the customer. In some organizations, help desks are also responsible for asset management. The benefits of IT help desk services are in the form of SMEs with an intimate knowledge of the hardware, software, or infrastructure. This is different than a service desk SME who may know a little bit of everything to help troubleshoot an issue .

Responsibility of the Service Desk:

Responsibility o f the Service Desk A typical service desk manages the day-to-day operations and problems of a company’s employees or a business’ customers. Once contacted, the service desk SME generates incidents and service requests for the matter. Next, they work to troubleshoot the issue from previous knowledge, notes from older tickets, or knowledge base (KB) articles . There are a range of benefits for the service desk. One is the ability to resolve issues in a timely manner. Another is to determine if repeated calls about the same issue constitute a Major Incident (MI ).

Can Company Have an IT Help desk & Not a Service Desk?:

Can Company Have an IT Help desk & Not a Service Desk? The answer is yes. However, there is a caveat. It depends on the services the company handles. Take a wireless internet company as an example. Those directly employed by this organization are SMEs in wireless networking and security. They probably don’t know much about the UI/UX of the customer-facing website. If the website is operated by another organization, service desk calls would be directed to their representatives instead.

Why Outsource IT Help Desk Services?:

Why Outsource IT Help Desk Services? The main benefit in connecting with a company like ExterNetworks is saving money. There’s no need to build a command center and train employees when you deal with an outsourcing agency. Instead, those who handle your IT issues are already SMEs in their fields. Another benefit is constant coverage. While calls to your service desk may end at a certain time, the  outsourced help desk  works around the clock to review and repair ongoing issues. This is an advantage when your company runs on a 24/7 schedule.

Conclusion :

Conclusion Do you have any more questions on the main differences between the IT help desk Vs service desks ? Feel free to contact us. We can answer your questions and provide you with further benefits on outsourcing your IT services.

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