Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy

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Here we’ve put together a list of best practices that will help you boost your ad performance.


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Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy:

Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy

What Is a Search Ad?:

What Is a Search Ad? When a potential client or customer is searching for your services or product in search engine then search ads will appear. They are small snippet of the text that appear above and/or below the top ranking. Official character limits: Headline: 25 characters Display URL: 35 characters shown Ad copy: 35 characters per line


Headline : It should be an eye-catching title which describes your company or product with targeted  keywords. Display URL : This is the URL that you'd like the ad to link to. Ad Copy : Your ad copy should make your brand stand out by giving an ultimate offer of your services or products.


Here are tips for writing quality ad copy and making the most of the limited space.

Highlight what makes your brand unique:

Highlight what makes your brand unique I t's essential to make your brand stand out in this highly competitive world . Hence, highlight your brand’s speciality in your ad copy like – shipping to multiple countries Discount on certain product or service. More happier customers than your competitors and lots more. Here, observe how JetBlue make their brand unique by highlights the key offerings in the search ad : free WiFi , unlimited snacks, and most legroom in coach.

Attract customers with a special offer:

Attract customers with a special offer Below features make for perfect headlines to grab a customer's attention: Free shipping S pecial discount or deal Free trial and lots more.. Here Amazon uses “10% Cashback“, “48 Hr Sale” and "free shipping" to draw in their customers.

Include an actionable CTA:

Include an actionable CTA Your ad copy should influence customers to take an action. For that you can use filling out a form, starting a free trial, ordering now, call us, webinar sign-ups, eBook downloads and lot more. Here Time Magazine uses  an actionable language in their ad to compel the viewer to subscribe.

Include at least one keyword:

Include at least one keyword We suggest to include at least one keyword in your ad copy regarding your product or service which customer can easily relate to your brand. How to choose best keywords for your ad : Think like a customer. Balance between general and specific keywords. Pick the right amount of keywords per ad group. For example, if you want to sale car then you should include that specific phrase in your ad copy. If you want to learn more about how keywords work with search ads, check out Google's keyword advice .

Get super specific:

Get super specific If you add statistics, discount percentages, rankings, or reviews to your ad copy, prospects can be more likely to read and click. Numbers are easy to digest, and help people understand what you're offering them.

Match your ad copy to the landing page.:

Match your ad copy to the landing page. uses a search ad to N ew York’s Hotel. When a user clicks their ad, they're taken to a page that prominently features this offer.

Watch the competition:

Watch the competition Your ad copy should differentiate your brand from others in the industry. Here are four search ads are coming when you Google “hotels in New York.” Watch your competitors very closely and know how to make differentiated ad copy which can attract more clicks .

Personalize to attract your target audience:

Personalize to attract your target audience Want to reach out - students who are searching textbooks, last-minute shoppers, etc.? Based on your audiences need craft personalized ad copy that pull them to click. IndianGiftPortal uses “Same day delivery”, “Midnight Delivery” type words that can easily attract last minute shopper who forgot to buy their birthday present and now they are in a hurry to send gift asap. With the help of Google's Customer Match take your personalization to the next level.

Triple check for spelling & grammatical errors:

Triple check for spelling & grammatical errors You would be surprised by seeing how many ads contain spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation errors. Notice anything funky with this steak house ad? First, it's missing a period between "seafood" and "Best." It then follows by a pretty egregious " manhatten " misspelling.


Hope, these tips will help you to create amplest search ads that attract more people to click.

To learn more about PPC campaign management visit : or drop a mail to :

To learn more about PPC campaign management visit : or drop a mail to

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