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AIM OF PRESENTATION Summarize the ideas of two forums threads: in Speakers’ Corner and in Unit 5 Highlight the main challenges Name the benefits of these exercises


PARTICIPANTS OF DISCUSSION Elvina Castillo Shirley Finlayter Izabella Petriashvili Nona Popiashvili Manana Rusieshvili Ruth Whitney Natalie Mgeladze Olesya Kobzeva


MAIN CHALLENGIES OF EXECISES the total number of hours for the units a short tutorial that helps participants with updating profiles copying appropriate URLs the names of the forums t he number of forums and wikis


BENIFITS OF ACTIVITIES Most discussion participants have explored more than 1 course. We created the team, where members encouraged and supported each other. We didn’t give clear answers, but hints helped a lot. We now have clear impressions about BC online courses.


REFLECTIONS Most discussion participants have explored more than 1 course and decided to do as many Treasure Hunt activities as possible (Shirley’s idea). TKT, Primary Essentials and CiSELT were most favoured by local teachers in Libya. ‘Learning Technologies' course would be very useful for Shirley. All discussion participants share Izabella’s opinion: “I also want to use the opportunity given to us and go through all the courses, to be aware of the products BC can offer teachers for their professional development.”

PowerPoint Presentation: Learning Technologies online course will introduce you to the basic aspects of using learning technologies in the English language classroom in an efficient, engaging and effective way. TKT Essentials will introduce you to the basic ideas and methods behind the communicative approach to teaching English. Primary Essentials online course is for English teachers currently working with young learners, approximately between the ages of 7 to 11. Learn More Learn More Learn More T his is a good practice for navigation purposes and a great way to become familiarised with the structure of the TeachingEnglish courses ( Elvina ).

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CLIL aims to introduce students to new ideas and concepts in traditional curriculum subjects (often the humanities), using the foreign language as the medium of communication - in other words, to enhance the pupils' learning. experience by exploiting the synergies between the two subjects. CiSELT is for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and suitable for teachers who: teach English to 11-18-year-olds are at CPD Framework stage 3 wishing to develop skills are at CPD Framework stage 4 wishing to refresh skills and reach the proficient stage . English for Teaching is a language course for teachers who are already teaching in the classroom. It will help to improve language skills and pedagogic knowledge as well. Learn More Learn More Learn More Remember, moderators should familiarise themselves fully with their course, and the Treasure Hunt questions are designed to test your ability to look beyond the obvious and also how you react when faced with potentially frustrating situations.( Elvina ).

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